help! I can't use animation curves

when I use the timeline of curve animation, I can’t create new frames, someone can help me please?!!

I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials but nothing is working for me. My animation curves docker looks like this

and even when i press the buttons nothing happens at all. If the image doesn’t work, half the buttons that I see on the docker for others in tutorials are not there. I’m pretty sure I’ve followed instructions exactly

I believe that I explained this in my first reply to this topic:

“On the Timeline of your animated layer, at the frame you want your first opacity keyframe, do right-click → Tweening → Add opacity keyframe.
That will make the first opacity keyframe at that frame.
Then, you can use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons on the Animation Curves docker.”

You seem to have a remarkable similarity to @rudimentary.

Which version of krita are you using and which operating system are you using?

You may have been watching old tutorials that no longer reflect the current state of development and operation.

Also, you can raise a formal bug report here (sign up and sign in needed):

thank you very much the problem was that I didn’t add opacity keyframe.

Hello! I am also experiencing a similar problem.
Version: 4.4.8
OS: Windows x64

I can use opacity keyframes via the steps you showed, however I can’t seem to get keyframes for other things like Transform masks.
I tried following this Krita tutorial: Animation Curves Docker — Documentation Krita Manual 5.0.0

but could not progress when it said “Much like how we animated opacity above, we need to add our first transformation keyframe. To do this, first make sure that you have your layer’s Transform Mask selected , and then click on the add keyframe button at the top of the docker.” because clicking on the add keyframe button would not do anything( Animating Transform Masks section).

Screenshot of the Transform mask layer

@Infinite_Power Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Please use a new topic for a new problem in future. It makes things much neater and easier to follow.

Version 4.4.8 can’t animate a transform mask. You need to use the 5.0.0-beta2 that you can download from the links here, in the Download section near the bottom of the page:
Second Beta for Krita 5.0 | Krita

Please read the warnings via the link to beta1 at the top of the page.

The screenshot you show is for adding an opacity keyframe to a Transform Mask in 4.4.8, which can’t be done because it doesn’t make sense.

If you use the 5.0.0-beta 2 then you’ll see this if you press the ‘+’ button on the top row of the Animation Curves docker when a Transform Mask is selected in the Layers docker or Timeline:

The orange frame marker can then be moved along the top to a different frame to create a second animation transform keyframe for the parameters.

This facility is in early stages of development and some aspects of it are confusing and difficult to manipulate.

I suggest that you limit yourself to Position and Rotation and remove any parameters that you’re not immediately working on by turning them off with the eye-visibilty icons.
The up-down and left-right arrow icons are very useful for range scaling.

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Thanks! I was stuck on that problem for a while!

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