Help needed for multi monitor related issue. Brush presets opens in different monitor

I made a shortcut to quick open brush presets. But it keeps opening on my main Dell monitor and not on my Huion. My krita keeps starting on the main monitor and I have to drag it back on my Kamvas. After i close it, it may be reopen back right on the tablet.

Also when my tablet in full mode and I move my mouse to main monitor, my tablet flashes, increasing brightness of screen,

Plz help with brush presets, I want that window to open infront of krita, not on my Dell monitor. Thanks

I am not sure if I understand the situation fullybut it sounds like a 2 monitor situation?

if it is you might need to check your windows 10? monitor management to see who is the main monitor. I am sorry if it dosen’t help any :frowning:

Next time, could you please say what your question is about in the topic? You might get more help that way than just by asking for unspecified help.

I edited their question so that people can know what it is from the topic list itself.

Whee thanks!