HELP please! request for one on one lessons on how to use Krita to create

I am looking for a Krita expert who is willing to give me one on one lessons on how to use Krita to digitise my watercolor and line art to create informative pieces for a community page I volunteer for. I have been using ipiccy and it has limitations for what I want to create. I have spent many many hours trying to work out how to use Krita to create a project and I just can’t work it out. I am happy to pay an hourly rate for anyone who is willing to walk me through what I want to do and teach me how to use the software. Please contact me through personal message if you can help me.

It is not wise to leave your phone number on the internet. I will edit those for now. members can get in touch with you through private messages.

When you say “… digitise my watercolor and line art …”, do you mean that you have traditional media artwork that you want to do further work on using krita?
Or, do you mean that you want to convert to using krita for producing your usual style of watercolour and line art work?

Thanks- showing the true old lady traditional artist I am and internet novice at the same time.
I appreciate you looking out for me. Just desperate for help. Spent so many hours trying to work this out and just can get the order of things right to achieve anything!

Any help you can offer yourself or by referral to anyone would be so very helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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If nobody reaches out, I recommend looking at YouTube tutorials, as they help a lot when starting out!
Here are three I found that looks good for beginners! :blush: They might not go into exactly what you are looking for, but they cover the basics!

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thanks. I appreciate it. I really need one on one lessons to help me create my first couple of things as these tutorial all explain things separately and I keep getting stuck on order and merging things together. someone reached out. hopefully they are happy to give me some time on a video call. happy to pay so I’m hopeful.
thanks again


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