Help Shortcut K seems to be going outside color selection

Hi I’m very new I’ve been taking a little skillshare course to learn Krita. But I’m having a program issue or user error. When I press K to select a darker shade it would drop down several shades to give me the darker color. But all of a sudden today when I selected K for a darker shade it seemed to jump to a color that was far darker and not near my original color. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the most current version of Krita. If it’s a configuration setting that needs to be changed I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! This is frustrating and I don’t trust my own color selection process for shading. I can’t do ART!

I will attempt to attach pictures of the problem. First picture is the Color selector with my base color. Second picture is Color selector after pressing K.
after pressing K

I don’t know if the defaults values changed, but you can change the number of steps for the colour change.

You can see the setting for it in Settings > Configure Krita > Colour Selector Settings. Choose Colour hot keys from the drop down and increase the value in the lightness input box. The more the value the nearest jump of the next spot of colour will be. By default, in 4.4.5 the value is 10, but you can increase it to 20 to make the colour change slow.

You can read more about these settings here → Color Selector Settings — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I did make the change and it seems to be helping but it seems to still be jumping to the right. Most videos I see when they press K it just goes directly down, and its what my software used to do. I’m going to keep it at the settings you suggested as the shading is going a little bit better. But does your K shortcut go immediately to the right or does it go straight down? I’ll give an example.
Here is my base color
Base color

This is where I expect it to go when I press K. (This is where it used to go before this problem started)
Where I expect it to go.

But it still jumps to the right like the second picture I showed in my first post. (Although not as far which is better) I’d share the picture but I can only embed two photos.

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There is something strange about using K/L to darken/lighten the colour and I think this is particular to the Advanced Colour Selector, because there was a bug report about this area some time ago.
Here is what I get if I do two ‘K’ presses with the default 10 step value.

Notice the change in Hue value.

This seems to happen if the initial position has a high L/V value.
HSV etc. representations are not something I know much about so I tend to get confused if I try to investigate them.

For some initial positions, I see no change in the position in the square if I press ‘K’ but the painted colour changes.

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Ahhh! I think that’s why I’m now starting to see it go to the right. This is the first time that my initial position is a high L/V value. If I go darker onto the color selection it will act like I expect it to and go straight down. I wish I understood color more to see exactly why it operates this way. But I feel so much better about it! Thank you so much!

This is because of

That report had faded from my mind :blush:
Because of this, you have to make sure the cursor is outside of the Advanced Colour Selector when you’re pressing the K/L keys if you want to see the position change.

Looking at this further, there is a definite problem with K/L effects and I’ll be raising a formal bug report fairly soon then posting a link to it in this topic.

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This is Google Translate.

I just saw this topic and have a related question.

Is the adjusted value of K and L the Y of HSY?

Quoting from the manual (linked above) for the ‘K’ key:
" This is defaultly set to K key and uses the lightness steps. This uses luminance when possible."

The observed effects are the same for all HSx models.

I know nothing about the internal operation and calculations for this.

This is Google Translate.

I have read the documentation before, but I don’t understand what it is actually based on.

According to my previous test, it did not use the x of the current HSx model.

Is this a bug?

@wolthera might be able to better explain the behaviour than me. so pinging her.

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It uses HSY currently.

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Thanks, now I know. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Bug report created: 440073 – The K/L Darken/Lighten keys give very large changes for some colours

The difference between red and green/cyan is quite dramatic.

Krita is doing the correct behaviour when that key is pressed. That path of the cursor is right for HSY on a HSV cube.

@EyeOdin: I’m sure that you could give a very good explanation of why this happens, with mathematical expressions and coloured diagrams.
I’m also sure that I’d have difficulty in understanding the explanation.

The fact is that it seems ‘wrong’ to someone who expects a colour to become ‘a bit darker’, expecially because a red hue does and a green hue doesn’t.

It may be that this situation is a ‘mathematical edge case’.
It may be that it’s decided that the behaviour is technically correct and the report is set to ‘Resolved, Not a Bug’.
I’ve reported it and will leave it to the experts in this area.

You can play around with pigmento that uses most Color spaces at the same time. I don’t have hsy yet but I do hcy and is the same Y(Luma). So you can see how different colour spaces interact with each other. Also I am not a specialist I am more like a witness of it.

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