Help test the beta: Krita 4.2.9 beta version is out!

Krita 4.2.9 beta released!

Published 3/9/2020

Much later than we wanted to, we’ve finally gotten the beta ready for Krita 4.2.9! One of the reasons it took so long is that an update to Python 3.8 broke scripting on Windows. When we finally had figured out that the reason wasn’t just that Python no longer looks for libraries in all the usual places, but also that the bindings to Qt, PyQt cannot be built in parallel, it was already February. And then, of course, Apple changed the way applications are notarized… And then we updated to a newer version of some of the libraries we build Krita on, and that broke all kinds of things. In short, we have had months of trying to get our builds working again!

On the other hand, we have also worked like crazy to make this the most stable release of Krita ever, with countless bugs fixed — and there are even some fun new features:

  • Dmitry @dkazakov improved the brush outline: it no longer flickers when you hover over the canvas:

(If the video doesn’t work, head over here: to see it)

  • He also added “Airbrush” and “Airbrush Rate” to the Color Smudge brush, and a new Ratio setting, also for the Color Smudge brush, which allows making the shape of the brush flatter using the different sensors. Ramón Miranda has even made a video demonstrating these features:
  • New contributor Saurabh Kumar @confifu added a “Split Layer into Selection Mask” feature:Layer Split Dialog

As for the bugfixes…

  • Fix transparency checkers looked white on HDR display bug 406698
  • Several fixes to file dialogs for overwriting and jpg files bug 412651
  • Fix Grow Selection expanding in one direction bug 414647
  • Fix crash using onion skins on non-animated layers bug 414668
  • Increase the limit in Layer Offset to 100k bug 414625
  • Fix crash opening .kra with incorrect clone source (related to bug 414699</a)
  • Prevent crash on addition of color to deleted palette with colorpicker bug 413548
  • Make Add subbrush off on changing multibrush tool’s type from Copy Translate bug 415651
  • Improve rendering of predefined default Rect dab
  • Set the default location for restored files to QStandardPaths::PicturesLocation bug 415810
  • Don’t crash if remoteArguments is called when there isn’t a mainwindow bug 415794
  • On Android, default to TouchGesture for Kinetic Scrolling
  • Delay initialization of brush paintop widget state bug 415033
  • Reenable breeze: with the latest release, the bug with comboboxes has been fixed
  • Show the hand cursor if there is no colorize mask yet bug 415935
  • Fix logic for enabling/disabling options in stroke selection dialog bug 415896
  • ORA export, write entire layers instead of cropping them
  • Fix endless recursion in when assigning a profilebug 414818
  • Fix a crash when cancelling Transform Tool action bug 414672
  • Fix an obviously wrong assert in the gradients bug 414550
  • Fix 1px brush offset in line tool bug 407405
  • Fix Layer Filter Combobox with Breeze theme bug 406595
  • Fix comparison of double spin box
  • Fix PaletteDocker not showing palettes bug 414890
  • Fix undo of replacing vector selection bug 412808
  • Separate krita log dialog from system information
  • Resource bundle: turn assert into check bug 399008
  • Fix the python Canvas.setRotation method bug 416126
  • Store and restore the geometry of the svg editor window bug 416097
  • Fix number of asserts with continued transform bug 415625
  • Fix Touch Docker save button not working on new files bug 407905
  • Fix blur Filter inconsistencies bug 416241
  • Fix border artifacts in layer styles bug 414582
  • Use Qt::Popup for color selectors popup widgets bug 410959
  • Always show color popup below the cursor bug 394139
  • Remove the strength compatibility with older paintop presets bug 416335
  • Fixed unneeded error message in Render Animation. bug 412599
  • Fix canvas offset calculation bug 416352
  • Layers with alpha channel disabled correctly export as “svg:src-atop” for ORA
  • Add icon to Close button of “About Krita” dialog box
  • Fix memory leak in preset history docker
  • Warn that Krita needs to be restarted after enabling/disabling plugins bug 416575
  • Workaround Qt 5.14’s colormanagement preventing png files from being saved bug 416515
  • Fixes with last used filter command. bug 416706
  • Fix Increase/Decrease Brush Size and Switch To Previous Preset buttons
  • Fix Warp and Cage transform in master bug 416505
  • Fix crazy snapping when resizing shapes bug 414336
  • Fix hiccups when doing canvas actions bug 414576, 415773
  • Fix animation rendering problem on small images (< 100px in size) bug 415367
  • Fix display of vector shapes when transformed with transform tool bug 417016
  • Fix hangup when loading image with generator/file layers bug 415891
  • Fix slowdown associated with the quick hide function of Shift+click on layer visibility icons
  • Fix canvas border color issue
  • Fix issue when saving preferences
  • Hide SubWindow decoration on macOS
  • A number of fixes with LAB* and CMYK thanks to L.E Segovia’s Season of KDE work
  • Android: Make it possible to select opengles
  • Set setRedirectPolicy as per discussion on KDE mailing lists
  • Fix crash when loading asl with tdta OSType
  • Make “Save Incremental Version” update recently used files
  • Correct logic for determining whether there are multiple backups requested bug 417914
  • Fix incorrect common curve in very old presets bug 417748
  • Fix layout issue in the history docker
  • Fix strobbing of the brush outline because of subpixel precision bug 374551
  • Make local selection outline visible on layer converted to selection mask
  • Fix freeze on vector layers bug 412746
  • Fix artifacts on filter masks applied to adjustment layers bug 417673
  • Fix ratio option on lower precision brushes
  • Fix opening Appimages bug 418230
  • Set image as modified after a legacy action (fix Channels docker not updating in some cases) bug 417992

Now it’s up to you all to beta-test this release and help us make sure we’ve caught all regressions (that is, new bugs for things that used to work) and all release blockers. We are currently investigating how we can make testing more robust, so this beta has no survey, please report all bugs you find to under the product Krita. Note that the Krita Lime PPA currently only has the beta and not the current stable.

Links to downloads on the website:


Fantastic work Krita Team! :grin:
Happy to see this beta released, will test it out! Excited for the official release of 4.2.9! Keep up the amazing work!


Oh Nice! The transform tool crash was something that was haunting me a few months now, and i had no idea how to report it because it seems like it was happening randomly!


I really enjoy building from source, so I’m actually on the latest master commit :smiley: Maybe it’s something I should stop doing, but I love being on the bleeding edge of things!

And this looks like a great update, thanks!

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Drawn my first drawing in 4.2.9! Everything went totally smooth. The file has many layers and is pretty heavy with 4000x4000 pixels. No problem :slight_smile:


If you really like to be on the bleeding edge, there is an even more bleeding branch: rempt/T379-resource-management :stuck_out_tongue:


What are the advantages of that branch? If it has some interesting updates, I’d jump ship now :smiley:

Also, I think that one thing Blender does REALLY well, is in the way they present their new features. I think something similar could be beneficial for Krita! Maybe a video on the official channel, like the one Ramon posted a few days back :slight_smile:

Well… I can proudly announce that tagging works consistently! :smiley: You can delete default tags. And create bundles… if you guess correctly which button to click.

Right now there is not much fun there… there will be a bit easier GUI, hopefully, for Resource Manager and managing bundles.


Oh I see, since they aren’t things that impact me much as of now, I’ll stick with master! Keep the community updated with what’s coming in the pipeline, and keep up the good work! :smiley:

So far everything works smooth, no crashes after three sessions of about 90-120 minutes each! Can’t wait for the resources manager update. Painting daily now with Krita only, can’t wait to see what the next months hold :slight_smile:


Oh, I just remembered: there is a way to filter out all resources except for those who have no tag. However there is no way to tag resources in a way to make it valid for older versions of Krita… So you’d need to use this new version from then on.

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Hello, long time user, first time posting. 4.2.8 works flawlessly, but the beta for 4.2.9 installs, won’t open on my iMac OSX 10.13.6. I’ve over-ridden the security lock-out on Apple’s garden gate, but it just fails to open.

Krita works great on other platforms – I’ve been running the 4.3 pre-alpha on my Ubuntu desktop, as well as multiple W10 desktops. I know the folks at Krita have expressed some frustration with packaging for the mac, just an FYI it’s still not solved yet. Looking forward to a solution - thanks Krita

Oh, that’s important to know, thank you! We had another user yesterday pointing out this to us, not sure if Ivan figured out anything already. @IvanYossi ^

Yes, Ivan is looking into it, and it looks like might get signing and notarization working on the binary factory as well, if we can get Ben and Ivan awake and at the keyboard at the same time. That would be a big relief.

The regression for 4.2.9 beta 1 comes from Apple having changed their signing and notarization procedure in January… The crash on start is really weird, because it only happens if you start Krita from finder, not if you start Krita from the terminal.


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boud, perhaps you could post a walk-thru starting Krita from the terminal on my mac? I’ll install the 4.2.9 beta on an alternate mac to try it out. I’m confident on the Terminal/Tilix on Ubuntu/Budgie/elementary, but rarely use it on my mac.

You don’t need to install it on a different computer, you can just run the .dmg file, as I was told.

Also here there is an instruction how to get it to run in the lldb: but I guess for Outside of lldb it would be just:


Or where-ever you put the app bundle; it doesn’t need to be in /Applications

Okay, upon launch from the mac terminal, I immediately got:

No “breeze” available.
Set style “fusion”
Loading plugin “/Applications/” failed, “Cannot load library /Applications/ (dlopen(/Applications/, 133): Library not loaded: @rpath/libkritaplugin.19.dylib\n Referenced from: /Applications/\n Reason: image not found)”
Loading plugin “/Applications/” failed, “Cannot load library /Applications/ (dlopen(/Applications/, 133): Library not loaded: @rpath/libkritaplugin.19.dylib\n Referenced from: /Applications/\n Reason: image not found)”
Invalid profile : “/Library/ColorSync/Profiles//WebSafeColors.icc” “Web Safe Colors”
Loading plugin “/Applications/” failed, “Cannot load library /Applications/ (dlopen(/Applications/, 133): Library not loaded: @rpath/libkritaplugin.19.dylib\n Referenced from: /Applications/\n Reason: image not found)”
QObject::startTimer: Timers cannot have negative intervals
Fatal Python error: config_get_locale_encoding: failed to get the locale encoding: nl_langinfo(CODESET) failed
Python runtime state: preinitialized

krita.general: Warning: some tiles have leaked:
krita.general: Tiles in memory: 4
Total tiles: 4

SO! Am I missing some dependencies? The correct Python? I am using mac os 10.13.6 with an i5 from 2011. Thank you for your assistance on this install

Again, this is after wrangling the apple security-wall preferences and allowing non apple developers as an option.

ALSO: I just ran it with lldb, as suggested, still a failure to load:

lldb /Applications/
(lldb) target create “/Applications/”
Current executable set to ‘/Applications/’ (x86_64).
(lldb) run
error: process exited with status -1 (unable to attach)