Help with Krita performance on Linux and Windows

Hello there!

Well, I’m a fulltime freelancer illustrator and I’m really interested in getting my work done (or most of it) on open source or free softwares/OS. So I’m testing Krita in Windows and Linux. The thing is, I mostly work with big files (A2 size with 300 dpi and 48x48cm with 300/600 dpi) and I tend to use a significant amount of layers. My laptop is capable of doing this kind of work with no issues on Photoshop and CSP but in Krita its gets extremely laggy when working with big files. I faced this issue both on Windows and Linux, double checked the drivers on both systems too, everything seems fine with that. I checked the performance settings and allocated 80% of my RAM to Krita, tried both OpenGL and Direct3D on Windows (on Linux i just have the OpenGL option), even tried to disable canvas acelaration and nothing improved my performance with large files.

Someone have faced a similar issue with large canvas?
I’m really excited to learn and work with Krita!

Ill leave my computer specs bellow in case someone can help :slight_smile:

  • Acer Nitro 5

  • Intel Core i5-8300H 8ª gen

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 with 4 GB gDDR5 VRAM

  • 16GB of RAM DDR4

  • 240GB nVMe SSD and 1TB HDD

  • Windows 10 and Pop OS 20.04 LTS


The performance of Krita is noticeably better on Linux than on windows due to Linuxs’ file system being better. I use only Linux so can’t compare recent version of krta on windows with Linux.

I used to have 16 gb ram and I have worked on documents of dimensions like - 148 in x 108 in (12ft x 9 ft approx) It was slow and not instant. I started to get to more and more work of such kind hence I upgraded to 32 gb ram and it has significantly helped me. The main issue was my ram was getting filled and the program started to swap. with 32 gb ram I have some ram left and the program performs better than what it used.

The performance of krita is more affected by ram and cpu than graphic card. So I would suggest you to upgrade the ram if possible.

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So what part of the Program is slow exactly, Loading/Saving, Painting, Responsivenes of the UI?

Your RAM is fine, however I would upgrade to 32 if possible. I sometimes work with large project files, just as you and with a lot of layers they already take up almost 16 GB of RAM just being open. You probably want some RAM reserves for operations that involve temporarily duplicating large amounts of data in memory (like some filters maybe do) and of course for the rest of your system too. My windows takes 2 GB of RAM alone for just doing nothing and you probably have other software running at the same time too. As soon as Krita (or pretty much any program) needs to swap (or pagefile as it’s sometimes called in the windows world), performance plummets since it has to write data to the much slower disk.

Another thing is that Krita’s brush engines is not as fast as Photoshop’s in some aspects. Even on my 12 Core 3.8 GHz CPU some smudge brushes get really laggy at above 500px diameter depending on how much they smudge. I have 32 GB of DDR4 RAM but that doesn’t matter much when the brush is really large. So, when your notice performance differences depending on the brushes you use and their size. Issue is probably your CPU which has just 4 Cores @ 2.3 GHz when not overclocked (according to my google search). You can tweek the performance of some brushes by increasing the Spacing parameter in the brush’s preset but it can look ugly if it’s to large.

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You have an nVMe SSD. You can check to make sure the location of the krita swap file is on that fast SSD.
More RAM would be better, as has been said.

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Sorry I forgot to mention, my main issue is with UI lag, hiding and showing layers, canvas paning and rotation and zoom. Rotation specially is very slow on those files, sometimes takes up to 10 seconds to start rotating my canvas. I dont believe the brush engine will be a problem since I only use the basic hard one, and in small sizes (like 10 or 20 px max, my style is focused in lineart and I like it thin and small hahahaha)

Well, Ill check if I can upgrade my RAM by the end of the year, but Ill keep trying doing my work on krita untill then

Will check that as well!

Thank you guys! Really apreciate your help!