"her name is girl"short animation by myself

This work is only created to test my theory of “color thifting”
that can be used in motion graphic design and animation.
It is not a trailer of a complete animation work.

APP(by seq):Krita TVpaintanimation AE

BGM: Dance Of An Echo by Daniel Roeth

ANIMATION: Daniel Wang



Interesting result, but what is the theory of “color thifting” ?? :thinking:
Can you explain it, or provide a link to a blog or any place where this is explained? :slight_smile:

Maybe some explanation how this theory is applied to produce this short animation could be interesting too :wink:


it means one color block in animation can turn to another color without feeing unnatural :sweat_smile:

Krita is a very good tool for full on artsy animation like this. How did you shift the color tones like that gradually? It would be interesting to hear your process on that part.