Hi . . I'm new, want to learn oil painting

Hello, I made a character, for a game, and I want some nice art, for the game, but don’t know how . . I got a XP-Pen Artist Pro 13.3 inch, also have a Huion Kamvas Pro 2019 Edition 22 Inch ( 8 ms delay on pen ) so I have the gear, but I need someone to help me make nice oil-paintings, for my game . . . There story is described on this web-page forum, making it in Godot ( open source game engine ) . .

I have put almost the entire game there, also my first version of 3D concept art, but I suck . . I want to make oil-paint looking pictures, of my characters <3 Anyway, look forward to meeting you, am from Denmark, very pacifist, against war, evil, sort of harmless, and want to make nice art . . . I made a video about how to make masterpieces, in theory, as a Dane, a European, that can compete with what’s on tv, did it after meditating on making art, why it’s difficult, for over 5 - 6 years, made a video about why it feels wrong to make art, in the media’s standards, and how to fix it . . .

I’m very beginner, maybe if some talented artists would look at it, and give me advice, to improve my technique, or method . . .


Thank you, hope you can help, let’s make the world better, with love, and honor . . . <3 <3


Here are some concept art I make, for my game, to make an improved Tomb Raider, more sexy, as in outfits, they are climbing shorts, like pro-mountain climbers use, not ’ thong ', many people think that, it’s climbing pants, that’s what . . .

Many professional female climbers wear REALLY revealing clothes, because it gives easier movements, on the mountain, that’s what character is wearing, not a ’ thong ', but gear like this, almost wet-suit pants, or bicycle pro-rider shorts, sort of . . .

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3D model, so far . . <3 <3

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Hope you like it, please give critique . .

ps. If I’ve said something dumb, please don’t ban me right away, but tell me what I’ve done wrong, so I won’t do it again <3 :slight_smile:

I made these in MS Paint, but decided my computer needed a new art program . .

And, this . . .

Microsoft Paint is the best program ever, but it has a few limits </3 :smiley:

And, also this <3 <3

I want to make oil-paint looking images, so I want to learn Krita <3

MS Paint will always be my true love, but Krita looks like second best, in the universe . .

I’m also making a video, link in first post is to videos, and so on, made with Godot <3 :smiley:

It would be best if you put artwork made from krita.

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Okay, two quick questions . .

I MS Paint, some of the brushes sort of ’ mix ’ with colors below it, so it gives a ’ nice ’ blending effect, but when I install Krita none of the brushes can do that, is it possible . . . .

Also, made some concept art, for my game, cheated, but I need really good art, at some point . .

My first Krita painting, MS Paint got beat . .

Second Krita painting, trying to make colors, ’ flow ’ . .

Is there any way to speed up the program, so it doesn’t have lag . . . . :slight_smile: <3 <3

My mom thinks your artwork is really great, and so do I

Given up on art, makes me depressed, atm . . .

I’m sorry to hear that; I can kind of relate
But, I hope you get your motivation back soon
I think your vibrant and cheerful artwork would make a lot of people smile, like it did for me and my mom
My mom was doubting that digital painting is a “real” art, and favoured traditional methods instead
I sought out some examples of oil paintings done in Krita to prove a point that digital is just as good as traditional (indeed, even better than traditional, in my opinion)
I did find some examples which seemed to more convince her of my argument, but your post came up too, probably because your title matches the keywords “oil painting”
Honestly, she was more enthralled by your paintings than the other, professionally-done digital oil paintings I showed her
She enjoyed your artwork so much, in fact, that she even asked me to send it to her, I presume so that she can admire it again later
Though I wasn’t quite as head-over-heels as she was, nonetheless your artwork made me smile, too
It certainly has a unique personality to it that I honestly don’t often see in the work of other artists, and a heartwarming glow
I’m sorry you didn’t get much of a response on your post here for over 2 years, and I’m afraid I don’t have any advice to give you about oil painting, either
But I just thought you’d like to know that your artwork really made my mom’s day, and I do encourage you to keep trying your hand at art

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