Hi . . I'm new, want to learn oil painting

Hello, I made a character, for a game, and I want some nice art, for the game, but don’t know how . . I got a XP-Pen Artist Pro 13.3 inch, also have a Huion Kamvas Pro 2019 Edition 22 Inch ( 8 ms delay on pen ) so I have the gear, but I need someone to help me make nice oil-paintings, for my game . . . There story is described on this web-page forum, making it in Godot ( open source game engine ) . .

I have put almost the entire game there, also my first version of 3D concept art, but I suck . . I want to make oil-paint looking pictures, of my characters <3 Anyway, look forward to meeting you, am from Denmark, very pacifist, against war, evil, sort of harmless, and want to make nice art . . . I made a video about how to make masterpieces, in theory, as a Dane, a European, that can compete with what’s on tv, did it after meditating on making art, why it’s difficult, for over 5 - 6 years, made a video about why it feels wrong to make art, in the media’s standards, and how to fix it . . .

I’m very beginner, maybe if some talented artists would look at it, and give me advice, to improve my technique, or method . . .

Thank you, hope you can help, let’s make the world better, with love, and honor . . . <3 <3


Here are some concept art I make, for my game, to make an improved Tomb Raider, more sexy, as in outfits, they are climbing shorts, like pro-mountain climbers use, not ’ thong ', many people think that, it’s climbing pants, that’s what . . .

Many professional female climbers wear REALLY revealing clothes, because it gives easier movements, on the mountain, that’s what character is wearing, not a ’ thong ', but gear like this, almost wet-suit pants, or bicycle pro-rider shorts, sort of . . .

3D model, so far . . <3 <3

Hope you like it, please give critique . .

ps. If I’ve said something dumb, please don’t ban me right away, but tell me what I’ve done wrong, so I won’t do it again <3 :slight_smile:

I made these in MS Paint, but decided my computer needed a new art program . .

And, this . . .

Microsoft Paint is the best program ever, but it has a few limits </3 :smiley:

And, also this <3 <3

I want to make oil-paint looking images, so I want to learn Krita <3

MS Paint will always be my true love, but Krita looks like second best, in the universe . .

I’m also making a video, link in first post is to videos, and so on, made with Godot <3 :smiley:

It would be best if you put artwork made from krita.

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Okay, two quick questions . .

I MS Paint, some of the brushes sort of ’ mix ’ with colors below it, so it gives a ’ nice ’ blending effect, but when I install Krita none of the brushes can do that, is it possible . . . .

Also, made some concept art, for my game, cheated, but I need really good art, at some point . .

My first Krita painting, MS Paint got beat . .

Second Krita painting, trying to make colors, ’ flow ’ . .

Is there any way to speed up the program, so it doesn’t have lag . . . . :slight_smile: <3 <3

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