Hi, need help from the moderators . . . Change account name . .

Hi, need help . . .

Can someone, or moderator help change my name from current one, to James_Unknown.64 . . .

I just want to change my, from current one, thanks . . !

Do you need the dots at the end?

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Need, a moderator <3

Or, can a user change the account name, that’s all . . .


@raghukamath is a moderator, as indicated by the silver shield icon after his name. Try hovering your cursor over it.

In your original post, the new name you require has three dots after it. This is a source of possible confusion.
I suggest that you state your entire required new name in quotes, like this:
“new name”, including any required additional dots so there will be no confusion.

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Right, just a moderator to change my name, from what it is, to James_Unknown.64


Thx !!

Done :+1:t3:, I changed the name.

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