I guess I could keep tweaking this forever, but I kind of feel it’s not going to get better. I meant to do a very clean rendering for once, but found I lost the thread if I started to clean things up. So more energy, less finesse - as usual!


Well done! There’s so much emotion on his face.

Thank you, @Sooz ! I did mean for it to be a woman, though :smiley:

I wonder what makes the difference here. I knew it might be a problem, but didn’t want to underline the gender by going with makeup etc. I mean, who wears lipstick on EVA? :smiley:

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A woman. :wink:

Your astronaut has a quite wide face which in combination with the expression makes it a bit hard to tell.

Oh, I’m sorry @hulmanen. Now that I look I do see a more feminine brow. I was so taken by the action and emotion I didn’t even question my gender assumption. Now I love it even more.

@sooz @Bleke it’s something I have trouble with at times. There’s a fascinating Wikipedia article on facial feminization surgery that lists the typical differences between feminine and masculine faces, I guess I need to read it again! :stuck_out_tongue:


And while you’re reading up on feminization of facial features I’ll be spending time on hands so I can stop painting stubby cigar fingers. :grinning:

Well, if you put a NASA-issue glove on the hand, cigars fingers suddenly become appropriate! Although you do then have a lot of weird cloth wrinkles to deal with.

More seriously, I found Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy really helpful with hands.

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