Highlands fantasy

Another recent fantasy speedpaint which I enjoy very much. Thanks for watching.


Looks like you paint very efficiently :wink::+1:


I can’t tell if this is Dark Souls inspired, or if it’s actually of a DS landscape. Either way I love it.

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Sometimes, usually not :slight_smile: This is just one layer with added trees on top at the end.

Hm, no this is just my imagination/experience playing around. I had nothing specific in mind when I started this. I played only some Dark Souls years ago, but now that you mention it, it has something about it :slight_smile:

It reminds me of the Dreg Heap in DS3, with the entirety of space and time collapsing in on itself, and everything colliding into one point in time. It’s also just one of my favourite games, so anything fantasy reminds me of something or another from it. XD

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Wow!!! My dream to landscape like this.

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