Highway to Sausage


A sausage stuff, again… :face_with_peeking_eye:
You can also ear my sweet voice in the videoclip :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Buli N’ Sausage, the most famous band on Sausage Island is proud to present you their first video clip for their “Highway to Sausage” song!

Collector’s vinyl edition available for 0.50Bullar only!!




Those dancing sausages kind of looks like the victims of a sadistic kidnapper who puts people in bags. :slight_smile:

Maybe a little more variation in the song titles, while keeping it sausage related?

Highway to Haggis
Justice for Alheira / Andouille
Fear of the Black Pudding
Piece of Mettwurst (Assuming Skidrow’s Piece of Me)
Ride the Luganega
Sweet Chorizo O’ Mine
Master of Pepperoni
November Rookworst



Theses sausages are headbanger sausages doing some pogo! :metal:

And I can assure you that no sausages were harmed or abused in the making of this clip :+1: :slight_smile:



WTF did I just watch?!! :grin:

I’m so glad you’re back! :kissing_heart:


okay I was not quite mentally prepared to see this.
but it looks like a legit video clip.

A legit video clip?


Fantastic! We were definitely overdue for more of your work.


There’s so much sausages variety :sweat_smile:
Good idea to match the type of sausage to the title of the song
But too late :sweat_smile:

Assuming Skidrow’s Piece of Me
Reference is Piece of Mind from Iron Maiden :blush:



Oh! - bonne fête de la musique! :partying_face:

Does the highway to sausage run through the middle of a brioche sub-roll? :yum:

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All I can say to this whole topic is: :joy:


I thought that it would be something else since the song before also was by Iron Maiden. There were three options: Skidrow / Piece of Me, Iron Maiden / Peace of Mind, and Stone Temple Pilots / Piece of Pie.

Anyway… glad you liked it! :wink:

Oh, and is it your voice I’m hearing in the video?

  • 2 references to Iron Maiden
  • 2 references to Metallica
  • 2 references to AC/DC
  • 2 references to Guns n’ roses

I tried to choose some very well known band & song to let anybody being able to find the reference :crazy_face:

Yes, me trying to growl :metal:
Not easy, that’s the first time I tried to sing and even more, to growl

But hopefully that’s not my everyday voice :sweat_smile:


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Ahah thanks

For me it was a 3 music days at the Hellfest

A brioche sub-roll?
Not sure to understand the question :crazy_face:


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Here some underlying about how the video has been made :slight_smile:

Buli singing with a sausage in the hand

Drawn on a transparency mask
Only 12 frames that made a loop

Background is drawn on an another Krita document

And same for text that is in the video, sometime in background, sometime in foreground

Here how the final compositing looks like in Natron for this sequence

Headbanging sausages

Sausages drawn without head (easier to animate) and then head drawn on an another layer when all bodies have been drawn.
Drawn 23 frames with ~30 sausages to made a loop (~870 sausages drawn :exploding_head:)

Once lineart is made, draw light and shadows

Drawing the 30sausages on 42 frames took me around 18hours… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Apply a non destructive filter mask (Halftone)

Add black background and some light beam animated with transform mask

And here are the headbanger sausages :slight_smile:


First import the video in Krita (found on Pexel)

And apply some filter mask to get the expected results

This is exported as a first sequence of PNG files

Similar things is made from Natron to apply a G’Mic filter to get turntable as lineart as I’m not sure it’s possible to apply G’Mic filter on all frames of a layer

Once 2 sequences are generated, import them in an another Krita document

From here, a clean-up of each frame is made manually (because filter sometimes generates ugly artifacts)

Same method is applied for the road trip sequences (also found on Pexel)

Final video compositing in Natron of all sequences:

Music has been composed with LMMS

Final video clip (video+music) is made with KDEnlive


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Wow, I wanted to try out natron but it got sidetracked among other things.

Natron is not really difficult to use, but need some time to understand the UI :slight_smile:
What is really interesting for me:

  • for most nodes, tweening curves can be applied to all properties; even for G’Mic filters
  • tweening UI is really good (better than Krita’s one I have to confess :sweat_smile:)
  • you can reuse a node output as input for many nodes; this simplify compositing

For simple things, using nodes can be sometimes more complicated than using a tracks based video editor (like KDEnlive)
For complex things, using nodes are easier to use than using a tracks based video editor

My use is:

  • draw small sequences in Krita, separate background/foreground effect if needed in different documents
  • do compositing of sequences in Natron
  • final cut+sound in KEnlive


Nodes :star_struck: looks like it was fun to make.


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