HIHI enjoy drawing here

u will be able to draw here for fun or do fan art^

Hey @_w00_9! It seems you forgot your image/s.
Fan art is acceptable here, as well as fun doodles. :)))

Welcome to the forum, @_w00_9 .

I moved your post into the Lounge. We can move it back into the sketchbook category after you upload your art made in Krita.

sorry i dont know how to draw here im still figuring out how

here, it depends on what device you are using…

You’ll need to download this if you haven’t already :)))

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im using pc

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From the website link above, click on the ‘GET KRITA NOW’ button and you’ll go to the download page where you can click another big blue button to get the krita software to install on your PC.

You can also read the manual here:
Welcome to the Krita 5.0 Manual! — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation

It’s well written with a good Search facility.
You can also find lots of tutorials on YouTube.

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