HikoryDikory's Krita Work

First up, Guillermo De La Cruz. On a big WWDITS binge lately!
I use krita as my only illustration software. I haven’t used anything else for years, I’m very fond of it. Higher resolution version over at my Twitter


Hmm the bad guys seem to be zombies, but the frame around makes me think as if the ice mage - hero was sucked inside a mirror

Interesting! Nice style and colors

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I draw a lot of spaces/wonky furniture.


These look amazing! They remind me a lot of comics from Dusty Higgins and Warwick Johnson Cadwell. Keep them coming!

I LOVE WARWICK’S WORK thank you very much! I’ve never heard of Dusty higgins, looking forward to looking into their work!

Environmental stuff for my characters library


More environment stuff


really nice style :wink: i love the mood

Yeah - what he said! ^

Very cool! :sunglasses: :+1:

I think you need to update the web address in your profile though? :wink:

The style is so quirky and fun, without losing or covering up a sense of darkness. The light beam breaking out of or into the frame became much more dramatic and a central narrative figure for me when not viewed full screen (so, with a surround). Overall the series reminds me of a video game from way back: Day of The Tentacle. I love it, keep going!