Hope everyone reads the guidelines for posting

Hello Krita-artists,

I hope everyone has gone through and if not, then goes through the guidelines of posting here on the forum. Many of these guidelines are really common sense so it would not be hard to follow them.

Many recent threads have suffered the problem of going off-topic, this happens with many of us we get excited and talk about any issue which is remotely linked to current topic then the replies get built up and then the thread is discussion about something else half way through.

So by taking this opportunity I want to bring this line in the guideline to your attention:

  • Don’t divert a topic by changing it midstream.

This line is in the keep it tidy section there, please do read the whole guidelines. I hope our members are happy and enthusiastic to keep this place civil and clean.

If you find a user posting something off topic flag that post as off topic with the flag button below the post. The mods will then either hide it or make a new topic with it.

If you think that the discussion is going out to a different tangent slowly then remind everyone on the thread about it.

If you find any error or typo in the page let me know. if you want to discuss anything in that document, please reply in this topic.