Hot Key Binding choices?

I was just curious as to what everyone’s favorite Hot Key bindings are! I’ve just received my Huion Inspirit tablet and I have no idea what to bind to my eight keys! On my pen I have “undo” on the top button and “erase” on the bottom but was thinking of changing erase to “Color Picker”. What are your most used?


I have 8 keys and a dial. The dial is set to zoom in and out.
For the keys, in no particular order; undo, redo, space (tiring to remove hand from the tablet each time) there’s a configuration to change what the dial does. If I want to resize the brush I press it and then all I do is move the dial to resize and the other option is to scroll. Can be whatever I want it to be. I use another key to switch between the brushes I mainly use. Two other keys came preset to zoom in and out. And the last one opens the tablet driver settings.
I left the pen as. Top button switches between pen and eraser and the bottom one is right click. It opens a docker in krita. Though I recently kept it on ‘ctrl’ for colour picking or I use one of the keys for ‘ctrl’.

Quite convenient. Don’t use much shortcuts

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I’m using a XP-Pen Artist 13.3, drawing from my couch, so I don’t have any (physical) keyboard and I must use the only 6 buttons from the tablet.

Then, here is the mapping for my tablet:

Tablet:              Pen:                                         
+---+                 _                                           
| 1 | (tab)          | |                                          
+---+                | |                                          
| 2 | (f10)          | |                                          
+---+                | |                                          
| 3 | (alt)          | |                                          
+---+                | |                                          
| 4 | (f12)          |o| <-- [right click] 
+---+                | |                                          
| 5 | (shift)        |o| <-- [middle click]
+---+                |_|                                          
| 6 | (ctrl)         \ /                                          
+---+                 v  <-- [left click]   

Working on Linux (Debian + KDE) I had to deactivate deactivate ALT key catched by the system (associated with mouse click=move/resize windows)

And I’ve made some modification to Krita shorcut configuration (alternate shorcut):

  • Show Brush Editor = CTRL + F10
  • Redo = CTRL + SHIFT + F12
  • Undo = CTRL + F12
  • Full Screen Mode = SHIFT + TAB

These 6 keys + defined shorcuts are enough for me to work without need of a keyboard: if I need to do something that I can’t made from a shorcut, I do it from user interface…

I think I can improve this by adding new keys combination to define new shortcuts, but I don’t really need more for now…



Hm I’ve got my space laid out so my hand is always on the keyboard anyhow so I don’t use the tablet buttons. I have stylus set tip-b1-b2 lmb-mmb-rmb since that’s how I use it in 3D too.

Right now my hotkeys in krita are a mess that need cleaning up sigh. I wish the app would support pie menus so that I could better unify my hotkeys across apps.