Hotkeys/shortcut to instantly select specific color?

Hi, is there any way to make a key combination automatically select a certain color which I’ve chosen and make the key combination also work after restarting the program?

Or what would be the fastest way to select a specific color?

Reason I’m asking is I’m doing virtual education (aren’t we all in these times) and I want to have a small palette of colors available with the click of a key or two. Thanks

If you want a small palette of specific/custom colours then you can use the Palette docker and make your own personal palettes.
Then just click on a colour in the palette and it’s selected on on your brush.

Thanks a lot, that’s a decent way to do it. I was hoping for additional speed in having a key combination in order to switch between colors though, but I’ve been looking thoroughly through the shortcut section and can’t find anything matching.

You can swap foreground/background colour with ‘X’ but that’s quite limited compared to what you’re hoping for.