How can I add paragraphs in krita?

I already tried to see how I could add paragraphs in krita, but I could find anything about it, even in the documentation. And even if I try to do something similar by selecting the area I want to add the text on, the app just does not respect it and just add the letters in a linear way, just following one line. So, by this post, I want to know if there is some way to actual add paragraphs, not only short texts, and if there is a way to do krita respect the area I want to write on.

You need to add a new line using Enter. There is no other way for now.

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Krita text handling is pretty clunky at the moment, you might want to look at the latest version of Inkscape for text, it has new features regarding text. I think I’ll be swapping between apps for text. Worth a look.

Could you also hold shift and then press enter? This technique is used to start a new line of poetry in Libre Office and other word processors. I use this technique when entering text in inkscape. If you want, I could upload an example photograph of a seed packet label I made in Inkscape using the shift+enter method to start a new line of text.