How can I export some krita brushes?

I would like to export some of my favorite krita brushes and import them on my Ipad.
Does anyone know how i can export them and download them on pc?

You can’t have krita on an iPad, for various reasons.
Do you intend to use the krita brushes with some other painting application running on an iPad? If so, that won’t work. The file format for krita’s paintbrushes (.kpp) is particular to krita.

What you can do is export the brush tips which are .png files (or .gbr files) and use them in any application that is capable of using .png (or.gbr) brushtip image files.

Please explain what exactly you hope to do.

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i wanted to try and use it with an other app just for if i plan on drawing on the go lol.
I will try that png file thing

the thing is i really like the krita 4 default brushes

If you’ve made custom brush presets using custom brushtips for yourself, you’ll have the brushtip files, obviously.
For the default resources, you can extract the brushtip files as follows, assuming you’re using Windows:

Go to C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Roaming\krita
In that folder, at the bottom of the file manager listing, you’ll see a file called

Krita_4_Default_Resources.bundle Copy it to an empty folder on your desktop or somewhere.

On your desktop (or somewhere), in that folder, rename it to a .zip file and right-click it then choose Extract. Say OK to the suggested location for extraction.

The extracted folder will contain a folder called brushes.
In there are the brushtip files, .png and .gbr.

You can’t just stick a brushtip on the end of a painting brush preset (or whatever the other application uses) and expect to get the same results that the corresponding brush preset in krita gives
You have to study the brush preset in krita, using the brush editor, to see what its control parameters are and how they vary with pressure and other control inputs.
Then you can try to replicate that behaviour in the other application.
That is not an easy thing to do.