How can i rotate the view with the tactil panel of the tablet

Is it possible to rotate the view without using the shortcuts ?

I don’t know what you mean by tactil panel but one way you can avoid using shortcuts is by using the rotation slider at the bottom of the overview docker.

Another way is to activate the popup palette (right-click the canvas) and then grab and drag the black dot that you’ll see on the outer ring. This rotates the canvas and gives an on-screen reading of the resulting rotation angle.
To reset it to zero, click on the black circle that is at the top of the popup palette ring.
Version 4.3.0 has a reset rotation icon on the status bar.

Hi @animaster

I usually do SHIFT + MIDDLE CLICK to rotate
But it implies to use the SHIFT key on keyboard (so, don’t know if it’s considered as a shorcut)

Otherwise, in menu Settings > Configure Krita and then Canvas Input Settings, and then Rotate Canvas, you can define how to use mouse/pen/keyboard to rotate


You can also use two-finger rotation (and zoom/pinch), but beware that sometimes, on some tablets, this can be mistaken as a pen stroke (that’s easily fixed by undoing, but still a slight annoyance from time to time).

I tried it. With my WACOM CINTIQ PRO it worked but now that i have an INTUOS PRO S it doesn’t work at all for the rotation and with difficulties for zooming.

Thank you ! i tried it it worked !

Thank you !

Thank you so much !

Thank you for all your advices. It helped me a lot !