How do I create a bundle from modified brushes in other bundles?

In Krita 5.0.6 (Win10) in the resource manager, I have filled in all the info in the “Create a Bundle” panel and checked all brush presets that I want to export.

However, the folder that I specified to save the bundle to, remains empty. I had some issues with duplicate preset names, apparently, but when I excluded the duplicate versions, it still did not save the bundle. Also, since I have only modified an existing bundle, to remove brushes I am never going to use, I don’t know which brush tip belongs to which brush.
And even when I do, they have different names and I get an error message that the names do not correspond. But on other occasions, they don’t either and the bundle is created just fine :thinking:

E: At the very least there should be an error message if Krita doesn’t export any brushes to a bundle.

Krita includes the needed brush-tips automatically into any bundle you create, you should not add brush-tips by yourself to avoid these collisions. But any other resource from a bundle must be added manually, I’m talking about patterns, gradients, workspaces, whatever else than brush-tips you want to preserve from the original bundles.
The only exception would be additional brush tips that are not assigned to a brush, but are regularly used instead of the original brush tip, these must be added by you. However, you can also create a second preset for such brushes which has this brush tip assigned.

Because of your folder-issue, I’m always using the bundles-folder of Krita – once I had this problem too.


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So you are saying that if I use the appdata bundles folder, that Krita will export the bundles?
Another thing I will try shortly is to export brushes from a single bundle only. See if there’s a conflict with that.

At least for me, this works with all of my 9 Krita-installations.

I am not sure to understand this, the explanation is a bit sketchy. What should conflict with what? You should consider that mind-reading only works in fantasy…
You can pack as many resources as you want into a bundle, no matter from how many bundles these come. This makes no difference. The only issue that can arise in such mega-bundles, is that sometimes there are bundles where their contents share identical names, something like “brush 1” for instance is a thing that can happen when the bundle-creators weren’t that much creative with naming their resources. :wink:


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That’s me thinking out loud, I guess. But, you seem to have understood me perfectly fine :wink:

I got it to work with the appdata Krita Bundles folder! Including multiple source bundles. I think the other thing I changed was remove spaces from the filename, so that could also have some influence.
It’s been driving me crazy, so thanks alot!

That may be because I’m approaching 60, probably has to do with life experience. :rofl:

Krita will fill spaces with underscores, so they shouldn’t have had to do with the issue you had.


I am just noting what I did for anyone coming across this issue. It probably has to do with the filepath indeed.

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