How do I see all the optional tags available?

Ok…I feel stupid asking this but, is there a way to see all the optional tags when posting? I see five and a search box. The search is nice but how do I know what to search for? Is there somewhere on the site that lists all the tags?

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@raghukamath would know how this works and if it can be modified.

It will too long a list, I suppose that is why discourse the forum software we use doesn’t show all the tags in that list and gives a way to search.

You can view all the tags on the website here - Krita Artists


Thanks. Just what I was looking for

I hope it is ok that I take the opportunity to ask a related question: is there a way to add new tags or are only the ones allowed that are already in the system?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Users are not allowed to create tags. if you need any specific tag please make a post about it in #site-feedback categories

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