How do you backup your artwork?

Recently my phone broke down and while it’s still not certain I probably lost a lot of my photos and other stuff I had on there that I didn’t backup, so that got me thinking. I should probably back up my art somehow. Do any of you have any experience with this?

I’m on Linux and I’m having trouble finding a simple solution, I think that on Windows you could just download Google Drive and have it backup a folder of your choosing for you but I can’t seem to find something simple like that on Linux. Any help?

well first of all you should save in the native file format KRA and then you should save it where you don’t often move things around. if you have dependencies make a copy of those too and make the KRA connect to new copies of the dependencies if they are shared with other files. That way you can store them properly.

Yup, before I used to just save whatever I was making on my desktop and that was always a mess. Nowadays I just keep all my orginial .kra files in a single art folder.

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You need an external hard drive and or (both IMO) a usb drive to back them up even possibly in addition to on-line services google, microsoft drive, paid storage…

I’m an old time computer programmer/engineer and came up when computers were completely unstable…I’m not happy unless I have three copies of any important data/stuff backed up on three different types of media. YMMV. :slight_smile:

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There are many backup software on Linux,

  • Backintime
  • dejadup
  • timeshift

Here is what I do for my backups
I use the 3-2-1 rule of backups.

  1. I use Fedora Linux which comes with btrfs file system, this file system has snapshot feature. I use btrbk to create hourly snapshot of my whole disk. Since snapshots are not backup unless they are stored somewhere else, at the end of the day btrbk syncs the latest snapshot to a different drive on the computer. Snapshots helps me to get hourly file versions and help in case I get a corrupt file.
  2. I also use borg backup to make an encrypted backup essential folders every 6 hours to a internal drive. I then use rclone to send this backup to a cloud storage provider so that even if my PC is stolen or destroyed I can get my data back in a day and get started.
  3. I rsync the backup folders to an external disk every week on sundays. I am using a systemd service which detects the external disk and does the sync automatically using a script

I use syncthing to sync files between my devices and to a NAS. The NAS is doing versioning and stuff, in case files get corrupted or something. I currently don’t have an off-site backup, so in case the house burns down I’m screwed. I don’t trust online services much and keep everything local. It saved my ass a few times, sometimes hardware will just fail you never know.

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I am also thinking about this and I am planning to hand over my disk to a friend, I need to setup automatic uploading part to it. The data I upload is encrypted so it is not a priority to me right now.

I use FFS (Free File Sync) which is a graphical front end for rsync.
I use manually launched macro/batch files (created by FFS) to backup different batch jobs to two NAS drives. You could also backup to a removable drive.
I do that whenever I’ve made some ‘significant changes’ to any data files.

If you like online services, Dropbox has client applications for Linux and that’s how I upload files to link to for providing files in topics here.

Same here other than the bit that I backup to Google and Microsoft Drives…and I don’t particularly trust them… :slight_smile:

i have external drive, a flash drive and an internal backup [a copy in a different drive] also a google drive.

You remind me i need to get another external drive :thinking:

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I save the folder with all my drawings and stuff regularely on an external HDD.

Cloud is nothing for me, bc others have access to it, at least the company providing the cloud. And when internet does not work, I have no access, or if I forget my login etc. Too unsave in various ways. Additionally with all the Krita Files and stuff my folder is very big. I think it’s unpractical for up- and downloading.

Backup on the same device… useless if something happens to the device. Better back up externally.

And if your stuff is all on a phone, you should regularely back them up elsewhere. When I put stuff from mobile device to PC I use Web PC Suite (Android). It’s an app you can transfer data from mobile device to pc and vice versa wireless through your network. All you need on the PC is a browser to put the IP in, the app gives you. So it should also work with Linux or every other OS having a browser. Don’t know if there is something similiar on apple devices, as I don’t own one of those.

Seems like I should get an external drive :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I have my concerns regarding cloud storage and privacy but its just so convenient.
@AhabGreybeard mentioned Dropbox and it seems closest to what I had in mind, just wish it was Google Drive instead. I might try to figure out rclone that looks pretty promising as well.

Lots of great advice, thank you everyone.

The Dropbox free account has a 2GB storage limit.
There is a client called Insync ( ) that will sync to Google Drive and other cloud storage providers.
You can try it free for 15 days then you have to buy a one-time payment license.

I’m always impressed with all the backup solutions people use!

My two step solution is much simpler though:

  • No backups
  • No regrets

I can afford to do so because my livelihood isn’t dependent on hardly anything I save locally.


I use a perfect way of backing up my artworks.

Before saving the picture, I save the artwork as a KRA file so I can edit it later. Then after that, I save the full artwork. That makes both a KRA file and PNG/JPG file as one, and I save them on both my storage drive and OneDrive (yes, I use Microsoft OneDrive and have the full Office 365 subscription so I have 1 TB of cloud storage) so I can use it on another system if I want to.

The same as others, I back up KRA, png files (and refs etc) on externals (x3), and general backups of anything else x2. I avoid the cloud … closed one cloud account a couple of years ago, deleting all data, yet it was still there when had a hunch to sign in and check; when I contacted them, there was no response. Manual backups take a little bit of time each week, but really worth it.

And thanks @AhabGreybeard for mentioning Free File Sync; looking into that now.

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Well considering where to store I save it on my work external drive, I never do stuff on my operating system drive unless I am forced too liken when I am coding in the pykrita folder. Then when I want I push it into my personal cloud I have in the back for a duplicate. And I recommend doing an echo (save that only goes 1 way) when all your programs are closed than having sync on. Sync can mess everything up! As for a free cloud I recommend Google drive but it sucks with the more devices you connect to it that is why I bought my own NAS drive.

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