How do you finish a sketch after a long time?

I have a lot of WIP’s, and a lot of ideas. I’ve noticed a pattern that whenever I start something, I take a break, get a super cool new idea, start on that, and forget all about what I first started. When I finally remember and try to finish the old sketch, I have no motivation. I cant really seem to finish anything, and it’s becoming very frustrating. Any tips?

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Why not pick just one to finish? Give yourself a reasonable timeframe - like 60 minutes - and see how far you can take it. Perhaps finishing one of your WIPs will give you a sense of accomplishment to overcome lack of motivation. Working on just one might also help reduce any feeling of overwhelm from having lots of WIPs waiting to be finished.


@Sooz : This is definitely good advice.

I thought of something like that and was just more verbose (and was as so often slow in writing it down :joy: )

Either you leave the old things and continue as before, then you have the choice to continue to be annoyed about having this pile of undone, unfinished work lying around, or you manage to develop a “I don’t care feeling” for not getting anything done.
Only one thing is important: “You have to feel good about what you do and how you do it!”

Or you say to yourself: “The previous “not creating anything” bothers me so much, I’ll finish the unfinished things now! Successively I will finish picture by picture!”, then you could gradually be happy about having created presentable works, be happy about being able to bring things to completion.
And whenever a new great idea comes to you, you could either write it down or record a voice memo about it, continue to make one or two sketches and put them together in a folder so that the idea is not lost. Also, as you finish the old work, you could add more ideas as things come to mind, and you’d have a lot more material on which to build a new image when you start a new project.

Some people make a contract with themselves to do this.
You could create a rule for yourself to follow. (And you can build in rewards, don’t overtax yourself, be realistic, you know yourself best!) To be allowed to start a work from the folder you have to complete a certain number of unfinished works, say two or three, so you can get to finished, completed, works and also start a new work every now and then, reward yourself with it. Would that be a way?

  • However, it would be wise to finish these new works in one go. This way you learn both to finish old things as well as to do a work from beginning to end, only one thing you should keep in mind, when you start something then stick with it.

And again, the important thing is only one thing: “You must feel good about what you are doing and how you are doing it!”


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That’s smart, thanks! I’ll try it, it can’t hurt to try. Hopefully, like you said, actually finishing it will help overcome the stress and lack of motivation. Thanks again.

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I like this, it makes sense. I think I maximize problems in my head, making it harder to overcome. It seems a lot less daunting now. I’m not very good with following rules that I give to myself, but I’ll give it a try. I like being happy with the things I’ve created, so I’ll do my best to finish what I’ve unfinished. Only thing is, that takes patience, and I usually have very little patience. That’s something I certainly need to work on. Thank you very much! This was helpful.

This should not have made me laugh as hard as it did. :laughing:
But yes, you are right, I will use notepad. :slightly_smiling_face: