How is development of Krita on android doing?

Hi, I know that currently 5.0 is underway at max speed but since I just got myself an android tablet I’d like to ask about the mobile branch how is it going in general and what is the future if there are plans? (I can understand that plans in open source project like this can be very rough I’m just curious if there’s something).

I’d be more than happy to test things out in the future if it’s ever needed. :slight_smile:

I haven’t really found a general thread or section related to andriod version here, is/will there be one?

Thank you!

A simple use of the forum search would have led you to this topic, there writes @Halla how it stands around the Krita development on Android… :wink:


Well, I did simply use the search but this doesn’t answer my question I’m still curious about the future plans and how is it going :slight_smile: , separate thread/section for beta builds, how is it with testing (can I help out there, krita builds or do I need to figure out building on my own), …


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