How is the Krita on the Apple silicon developer kit? Want to see any feedback

Hi, everyone. This is my first post. If any offensive, please let me know.

I am curious how the Krita will be compiled or run on the new arm-based Mac. I have not seen anyone talking about this.

Since the Krita twitter mentioned they will not make ARM64 adoption, I am curious how is the future of the Krita Mac user? Should they keep using the Intel-based Macbook or better switch to other platforms earlier? If the Rosetta2 can do the great ABI translation job, is there a possibility of the Krita on Ipad?

Wish someone can talk about this or mention the post that haved discussed this issue.


pinging @IvanYossi for this

The future of Krita on Mac looks quite difficult right now. Both the ARM move and deprecating OpenGL makes it less easy for Krita to deal with that. Considering also Qt 6 news, that might mean (nobody is actually sure yet) that Qt will deprecate ANGLE and similar things and Krita will need to write the same code for every platform it supports, it’s really difficult to say now what we’re gonna do in the future. We do want to both keep all the platforms we are on now and even expand, but… expanding to Android might’ve been much easier than keeping Mac around. But we will try, I think.

Please don’t treat this message as an official message or anything - it’s just what I personally understood from last few meetings and the general grumpiness surrounding Qt 6 and Apple. @IvanYossi and @boud will probably know better than me.

If we decide to use ARM (or just use Rosetta), it would be of course easier to implement Krita for iPad, however there is also an issue of Apple Store rules that are, afaik, incompatible with Krita’s license (GPL). It was possible to find a good way to put Krita on Google Store, we even figured out a way to get donations but not force people to pay for it, but on Apple Store it would be much more difficult, unless Apple changes their rules (and fat chance of that, I guess…).

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Unfortunately as far as I remember, the apple developer kit is only available in US, so it is kinda out of reach for both of our mac developers. Also, we don’t support SIMD instructions on ARM yet (or better say the library we use) so, there will be a hit in the performance. Though building krita for arm based mac should be fine theoretically without libheif and Vc dependencies.

Thanks you for detail.

I don’t know about the details of the letter license so far.

Would install the krita as the trusted third party application will be acceptable?

I would love to assure you that there will be a future of krita on apple sillicon but i can’t as getting there will be bumpy and it might take long time. We are trying to speed up the assesment of the platform and pinpoint specific challenges by getting our hands on an early ARM mac, but we don’t know when we would be able to get one. As for now Im studying migration paths for things like openGL and SIMD instructions that are not available on apple silicon.

In conclusion we want to have krita on ARM but personally Im not sure how functional it will be in its first iterations or if we want to invest the development effort on the platform. Krita on iPad is a wish, it would be awesome to have it there, however there are difficulties beside progamming and technical issues. To be realistic If we can compile krita on ARM we can take the app to iPad in a second compilation step. However the AppStore still has to aprove to make it happen and that will require a lot of work.

In the mean time we have to optimize krita on macOS on current intel chip users to enhance our user experience with our software.

I hope this clarifies things a bit for you:

Glad to hear your motivation