How long do i have to wait to open a new topic under the Support category?

i just joined this forum to open a topic about an issue/bug with the program but i can’t make a thread in the Support category, do i have to wait a certain time? is there some other place i can post it in the meantime? (actually i already did yesterday but i have no response so far)

If you want to report a bug, this is the official place to do so:

This topic is your only post on the forum so far, so where did you go to post about your problem?

There are limitations on new forum users here, such as how many image uploads you can make and how many links you can post.
These limits should be lifted quickly as time goes by.

I’m surprised that you couldn’t make a topic in the Support category as your first activity here.
Can you try again and report if it went well in a reply in this topic?

sure, so i can’t still open a topic in Support, the button to do so is grayed out for me

either way i am currently writing up about the bug in the KDE site, i had signed up to do that in this forum but well, that happened

For the creating a new topic problem, advice from @raghukamath will be needed.

That is a big site and I can’t see a recent post from anyone called ‘UmbraVivens’ in the Krita General Help category.

Maybe if you were more specific and gave a link?

sorry i mean i’m writing about my Krita Painting bug in the website that “KnowZero” pointed out in the 1st reply

Ah, the official KDE bug reporting site.
Would it be possible for you to give a link to your bug report?

yes, i just submitted it

That does look like a complicated problem.
The KDE bug reporting site is very ‘technical’ and getting into it does put a lot of people off it I think. Depending on the nature of the bug report, it can take a long time for sombody there to have a look at it.

If you wait a while, the problem with creating a Support category topic here should be resolved, then you can post about it here and upload your screenshots for display in the topic.

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You’re trying to create a topic in #support category: nobody can

only sub-categories are allowed
you have to choose one of them for example:
#support:beginners-questions or #support:general-questions


Just go to homepage and then click on the new topic. You have to choose the category in the post editor. You have to be in proper sub category to get the new topic button to be active in that category. This is done because people do not bother to choose proper category and post everything in the top levele one making a mess of the forum.

@KnowZero , In my opinion it is better that users ask here first and then report bugs to since majority of the time the bug reports are filled with support requests. So this forum can be used as a filter for solving general support request instead of burdening the bug triagers.


oh i understand now, thanks for clarifying

also, should i still report my bug in this forum?

Yes, as @AhabGreybeard said:


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Do you mean like this one :roll_eyes:
447549 – File


Alright, I’ll do that next time. Just didn’t want him to get discouraged but I probably should have just asked for his issue here first.

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