How many of you use a mouse to make your art?

Question on the title.

I did that for years but for the last 12 months I’ve used a pen tablet. Are you trying to decide if you want to stay with your mouse?

Since the first stroke with a pen i didn’t want to use the mouse. It is so much easyier and makes more fun to me.

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I still use a mouse for most vektor related things, for anything else I use the pen especially since mice very rarely have pressure sensitivity and this opens up so many possibilities for brushes. Switched to a graphics tablet 15 years ago, never switched back.

I go back and forth between mouse and pen. I’m really shaky with my pen so when I’m doing something more precise I use the mouse. Even without the pen I have to zoom in like crazy

I use a mouse (actually a trackball) for vectors and selections and very rarely for other things. Any case where that last instant jiggle as I lift the pen would cause the cursor to move from where I wanted it.

I use a mouse all the time except for painting/sketching on the canvas.
I don’t like using a pen for the control interface, the mouse has more stability in positioning for me.
For rough sketches, I’ll use the mouse to paint with.

I use my mouse only when it’s necessary, such as the magic wand tool.

I’m not trying to decide anything, I’ve been stuck just using the mouse for the past… since I’ve been drawing and I’d say I’m fine using it.

I am literally on the “why not both” isle. The pen is good its own things and mouse is good on other things. You can’t fully replace one with another.

Not having a tablet is a big handycap.

My problem was only learning how use a table since the first one I got did not have a screen. But pressure is essential. You can’t avoid it. Even on 3d pressure is needed.

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How is not having it a big handicap? The way I see it, getting a tablet is unreasonable in my case since not only do I think it’s a waste of time and money, but there’s no way to see what’s going on without diverting your attention and making everything slow.

It may be a big help to you, but for my purposes, I don’t think I’ll be getting anything anytime soon.

It’s really 2 different approach.
As someone who started with a mouse - its doable / but alot of things from traditional style to digital is hard to translate with a mouse.

OTH if I’m doing vector - I use mouse exclusively. That’s me creating icons to simple logo or layouts.

If I’m drawing - I do use tablet.
I also went from desk tablet to a screen tablet.
Desk Tablet is start cheaper but harder to adjust, that hand-eye coordination takes abit while - it has better ergonomics though.
On screen is the closest you can get to translating traditional pen / paper to digital. Solely for the feel so it has the same way pen/paper cons. Hand gets in the way, poor posture [hunch over].
Mouse oth - i find my hand hurt trying to draw with it.

If you dont need the pressure sensitivity and can reasonably replace it with for example speed sensor or distance sensor. Mouse can do the job. Or you do more thick line - vector / cartoon style that’s doable with mouse + smoothing + some tweaking with speed/ distance sensor to add some line variation.

If you want to draw in a way that pressure changes is similar to traditional pen/paper. Then tablet it is - they also gotten cheaper. my smaller Huion is the same price as my old wacom bamboo.

Personally I found - it hard to draw without the pressure sensitivity on - specially doing blending , it gives quite a control on how much , how light or heavy you want it to be.