How many years you have been drawing?

Yes, yes, you can count your childhood years too. What did you draw when you are still a small child?

For me, i first draw cars and truck, after that i began cartoon (like pooh, tom, bugs or the likes), and then i got my first manga that my sister bought for me. Since then, my direction has been decided.


Scribbling as a kid aside, for about 15 years. That’s when I really dug into it and actually started learning art fundamentals. I wanted to be a Manga artist when I was young but obviously didn’t happen. Substracting the years I didn’t practice because of depression and other medical issues, I think i make it to seven years.

I started with Manga but changed my style to a much more painterly style. But I think you can still see the Manga roots in my current works.

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So, I presume the changes of the style is influenced by the material you are learning from?

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Started drawing since 2019, yea I did some art classes as a kid but i dont think i was that interested (although i can’t really remember).

Haven’t been practising consistently tho as I combine drawing with animations, vfx and cgi. I love drawing tho, and I am constantly getting inspired :slight_smile:

How many years have you been drawing?

vfx and cgi too? . . that’s quite a lot on the plate.

If scribbling random things on my book is counted too, then it has been around 20 years.

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No not really. I always admired the painted and more “realistic” look but it also is a lot more work. I wanted to be able to do more than just Manga style and while exploring different things I ended up where I’m now. I still like and watch Manga and Anime but trying to do my own thing now. It all kinda started with the realization that there are a lot of styles even among Manga artists.

My goal is pretty much “cartoony but it looks like it could exist in real world”.

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Yea I come from a film background so I have done a bit of storyboarding and animatics also. I guess you could say I am slightly below average at a lot of different things :sweat_smile:

I want to get more into concept art now though :slight_smile:

What is your background? If you don’t mind me asking :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice artwork btw

I started drawing when I’m still in elementary school, at sixth grade I think… when I still had my playstation. I draw many video games character, from Spyro, Bomberman, Pac-Man, etc…

And then in middle school I started drawing shojo manga style, because I’m inspired from shojo anime like Tokyo Mew Mew and Cardcaptor Sakura. This when I started drawing basic anatomy too. And more years later is history… it would be very long story if I told you :sweat_smile:

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My degree is computer science and for some reason my job is moving numbers. So basically, no art background at all. . .

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Ahh, the manga my sister bought me is also a shojo one. . . .

From your portofolio, it looks like now you are more into something more game like artstyle?

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That’s right! I want to enter into game development field and hopefully I have qualification as 2d game artist.

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Similar. I wanted to become an artist but had to learn “a real job” because parents wouldn’t allow. No art classes except in school where it was basically a history class with occasionally copying something. Developer now.

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True, do you enjoy coding though?
What was/is your goal as an artist?

My Mum took a bit of convincing to let me study film, luckily it wasn’t a big issue.

You can do a lot of creative stuff in software development too. Depending on where you work and the position. I hoped to be a game developer at least but that was crushed too. After many years I’m currently burned out and depressed at home. I hope to turn it around again and maybe finally do this art thing professionally. Maybe I could come back to game development one day but honestly, I already gave up all hopes.