How to add colour behind a lineart?

How do I add a circle of background colour to my black and white sketch and have the sketch sitting on top of the colour? The sketch doesn’t have completely solid lines so the fill bucket bleeds into other sections I want to remain white. Similar to this idea below.

Try adding a new layer under your sketch layer and set the sketch layer’s blending mode to multiply. You should now be able to draw anything on the new layer and it would “appear behind” the sketch This is the easiest way but it only works if the white part of your image is 100% white. If it is just a little bit grayish or anything, everything you draw will get darker as the actual color.

Alternatively you could convert everything white to transparent, add a new Layer under sour sketch layer and paint on that.


Thank you for your detailed answer although I don’t see the multiply option in blending mode :confused:

It’s weird it isn’t on the favourites sections being one of the main ones, but it is under the “arithmetic” section, the first one

Okay, I’ve tried both the multiply and adding a new white layer under sketch layer but it keeps colouring over the sketch. The sketch is transparent on the alpha channel so it doesn’t have any white to it. Id this the issue maybe? (I’m not sure if I’m using the right words or explaining things right). Sorry this is a pain :frowning:

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Isn’t that first picture the thing you wanted?

Now you gotta paint in another layer your character in white or delete the parts where you want the circle to not appear to get the effect of the image you attached on the first post, if I’m interpreting correctly what you want to do

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I’m sorry, I understood it as you wanted to color the line art. If you just want to make it look like the colored area is covered by the characters its probably simplest to just erase parts of the cycle or hide it with a transparency mask. Alternatively you can cut out the characters from the surrounding white space, its more work but allows for more flexibility if you want to do more with different layers.

There’s a way layers are organized ! Move the colour layer UNDER the lineart !
If you’re talking about the circle pattern, Krita has it, you must search it on the pencils ! Select a pencil of your preference, look for the option 3r option that says predefined (or something else, I can’t remember it) : ( and look for Polka Dots ! The next step is colouring the layer as you would with a normal painting : )

No need to apologize! It took a while and I’m definitely sure there’s an easier way but I got there in the end thanks to everyone’s advice here.

Hey thanks for your advice! I got there in the end!

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