How to add fonts in Krita Android version?

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Hi! Krita in android is amazing!
I stumbled into this problem, and its that i can’t add any font in android Krita app.
I searched about this online and it seems i have to download fonts into the os system, but I don’t think its possible in android or atleast Samsung tab specifically.

Is there a way to add fonts? And if not will there be chances for this to be fixed?

Krita app is awesome! I hope this can be fixed

Hello @Imad24 and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Fonts in Krita are normally provided through the operating system you are using (and there is a way via the “Lazy Text Plugin”, but this doesn’t work under Android because Android allows no Plugins, as far as I know). So, if you can install fonts in Android, they should be available in Krita too. Maybe you have to restart Krita after you have installed a new font to Android, but for that, I don’t know Android good enough.


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Thank you very much for replying!
I see. Installing fonts in android is very hard or impossible, so I,ll see what i can do.

Thank you again, I hope you have a very nice day!

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I want this too and after try with some methods and apps, seems impossible install fonts on system without OS modification, it’s possible proposal a setting to set folder with our custom font files and load their at startup?


:slight_smile: Hello @MitsuhaKitsune and welcome to the forum!

That’s too bad! So, if Android doesn’t pass installed fonts in addition to the system fonts to the installed apps it becomes problematic. I can’t tell you if your idea, your wish is feasible, but since Google is “closing” the file system of Android more and more, I think it is at least a very difficult task to implement.
But you can of course create a feature request, maybe then you will learn more about a feasibility?


@MitsuhaKitsune I had been hoping this thread had the answers :pensive: but I can offer you what I currently do I have a galaxy tab and found you can use zFont 3 from play store to change current fonts for free the app explains how. But I agree not being able to use any fonts except 3 in krita hurts I use Photo to write out things in better fonts then save as .PNG then import them to krita best option I’ve found so far.

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