How to change pen pressure settings?

I use a Wacom CTH-490 (old, I know, my aunt gifted it to me and I’m broke) and a MacBook Pro, but occasionally I also use Windows. On the Mac, I was drawing for a project, and I had to switch to the Windows one because of a homework platform that my Mac doesn’t support (yeah, I was drawing while doing homework). I tried using my Wacom on the Windows, and when I try the pen pressure instead of changing size it changes opacity. How do I switch it to size?

Some brushes use pressure for size, some for opacity and some for something different or not at all. The same brushes should work the same way on all platforms. If you want to tweak or change brush presets, you can do so in the brush settings editor.

In the bush settings disable the pressure sensor for opacity and enable it for size instead.

Here is more info about it

Oh, and you can quickly open the brush settings by pressing F5.

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