How to change thumbnail image in WIP section?

It seems that changing / editing the op post in WIP section is lock after some weeks.

I just want to ask if its possible to change it after that or atleast make the thumbnail that will show will be the 1st image of the last post by Thread Starter.

I think that it will be useful in this section to be able to update the thumbnail, specially on an ongoing project/ paint to be able to show the progression. Since its a Work-In-Progress, some user would update on their progress in their respective thread. It would be nice if the thumbnail that will show up is their most latest update.

Thank you. ^-^

For the Gallery a third party plug-in is used, if I’m not mistaken, and it always uses the first image of the opening post. So the only way to update the thumbnail would be to edit that post, but it’s only possible to edit posts for a limited time.

I see. It’s a plug-in.

Editing a post is time limited and I cant access that anymore. :sweat_smile:
I was just wondering if its possible to change its action atleast for this specific sub-forurm.
So visitors can see the progress in the thumbnail.

You should be able to edit the thumbnail even if the first post is locked. Click on the pencil icon next to the topic of your thread once in thread view.

Thank you,

I tried pressing that. This morning it only gives me view of History of changes.
It still do the same right now. A view change history.

Ah, bummer. Maybe it’s a user privilege question, then - I seem to be a “regular”, which actually allows me to edit even others’ post titles (!)

If you want, I can change it for you, since we’re here.


Thank you very much for the proposition,

Originally i want to change the thumbnail of my sketchbook thread to my latest update but if I will not be able to change it in the future i guess the sketch of cats will be a better representative. :sweat_smile:

You don’t need to do it, i can live with what it has right now. Thank you for trying to help out. ^-^.

The moderators can choose any image from the thumbnail as posts. I think the post authors can also do that, but the post edit limit gets kicked in after some time. I am contemplating about removing the post edit restriction but give me some moment to research it and think of the consequences.

Thank you for answering.

I understand the reservation of completely removing the edit limit as it might lead to some unintended consequences.

If its possible to modify the edit restriction in a per subsection basis, maybe just remove it to the subsection that can benefit from it.

Its still up to you whatever you think will benefit KA the most.

Edit: Thank you for changing the thumbnail in my WIP post.