how to choose laptop for animation

As you might have already guessed I need a laptop to make 2d animation. I’m new to animation, and I’d like to know based on which criteria I should choose the laptop. Also, it’ll be great if you could name me particular models that have a pretty good performance. :alien:

RAM is your friend, the more the better. (Note that if the RAM isn’t soldered, it is generally a lot cheaper to buy it separately, as long as you aren’t afraid to take the laptop apart)

RAM is of course important because animation files can get pretty huge, like tens of gigabytes. More RAM means longer animation. Bur you also need a lot of CPU Power. Rendering with a 24 core CPU instead of just 4 cores makes the difference between rendering a long animation in 2 minutes compared to 20.

So you probably want at least 32 GB of RAM and the fastest and biggest CPU you can get for a laptop while Laptops usually are pretty limited in what you can build into them because of size and battery constrains. And it gets expensive pretty fast if you want a top notch device that can do heavy lifting.

In addition laptop screens are often terrible and you could be disappointed when you color’s look different on other devices.

Something like these two would be the way to go, they also have some power under the hood “HP ZBook Create G7 Notebook PC with NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2080” or “HP ZBook Fury 17 G7 Mobile Workstation with NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 3000”, both have dedicated graphics memory. But they’re not bargains.


While a nice Graphics card is good when you want to do other stuff too i.e you want to play games or 3D rendering, Krita doesn’t use it much and even a cheap one will do.

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