How to create a custom tool in krita by python

hi,I’m trying to create some plugins and tools,but i can’t find the related info about tools(brushes,selection tools,and others) in kirta api. Is it possible to create a custom tool ,or just change the options of the existing tools by python.
And it’s seems that I have to restart krita everytime after the script changed?Will it be improved?

If you want to make a plugin you should start by reading this.

Mind that not everything is not open to the API so you have to hack a bit of you wanna go further. But too far and might as well be inside the program.

thanks for your answer

No, that’s not possible. A python plugin is a library that runs right inside Krita, just like a C++ plugin, and while a process is running, you cannot, without extreme danger reload a library.

Thanks for your answer.It’s an understandable reason.

Hi Steven,
I started developing my first plugin some months ago, so I can tell you my experience through the eyes of those who did it as a newbie. :sweat_smile:

In my opinion, developing a plugin for Krita is like an adventure. You have to follow a long path across Krita APIs and QT.

Unfortunately, the part of the Krita ecosystem dedicated to the development is poor, lacks info, and examples, and often APIs are explained not so well (or well as I personally expect). I’ve had to ask a lot of times in this forum and, occasionally, I found some bugs. This is the most annoying part, in my opinion, because I use an API which is documented, with examples, but it doesn’t work because there is a bug (but, before, I spent a lot of hours trying to make it work, thinking the problem was me!!!).

Do not get me wrong, I’m not saying that a plugin can’t be developed or that it’s pretty hard to do it. I’m just saying that you may find some difficulty and that there is an explanation for that.


Thank you TigerForge,it’s so kind of you to share your experience

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