How to create new brushes (patterns/dithering) for pixelart?


i’m looking for a tutorial on how to create more brushes for pixelart.
An 1px brush i’ve created, but i want more different brushes for faster drawing.

Example: A brush that has 1px, then space 1px, then 1px again, then space 1px again… because the time to set pixel for pixel by manually is a lot!

Now i found out that what i want is “pattern” (dithering).
But how can i do create one of this brushes?

You can use a Predefined brush tip instead of an Auto brush tip for your pixel art brush presets.
e.g Make a 9x9 canvas with a white background and paint five black dots on it in a horizontal line as dot-space-dot-space … etc.
Use an odd sized image for centring accuracy and placement.
Save that as a .png file then put it in the brushes folder of your krita resources folder.
Do Settings -> Manage Resources -> Open Resource Folder to find it.

Restart krita and choose the Pixel Art brush preset and open the brush editor. Choose Brush Tip -> Predefined then select that brush tip that you made, it should be there for use.
Choose a size of 9 and a spacing of 0.1 then paint with it.

You should find that you can do this with three strokes:

You can make any pattern of pixels you like in the .png brush tip file.
If you make a different sized .png brush tip file, use a tip size of the same size as the .png file and a spacing low enough to give a continous line.

Changing the size gives strange results that I can’t figure out.

I didn’t see an existing fill pattern that was simply alternating black and transparent pixels, but you could create a fill pattern like that and then use a transparency mask layer to delete all unnecessary parts of it. Then you could use blend modes like additive blending to color the dithering spots. This would make sure that all dithering “lines up”, and the transparency layer (as opposed to simply deleting from the original layer) lets you “undo deletions” later by drawing with opaque white.