How to download latest beta release 5.1.0 RC1 on tablet?

Can someone please guide me how I can download the latest beta release 5.1.0 RC1 file on my S7 plus tablet? I have winzip installed from playstore to unzip the file but by default its unzipping on touchnote editor and says fail to open. I have also tried extracting files inside windows and searched for the apk file but found nothing. How can I install this latest version on my Tablet? Please help!

Sorry, but it seems that it is not yet available for Android. I’ve just taken a look at Jenkins, the place where you could get it if it was available, but the last three builds went wrong:

But in case there is a successful build, you’ll get it at Jenkins:

Just take a look on the page above every day.


Edit: By the way, the ZIP-File you downloaded is for Windows.

Oh got it, so for the tablet I can use the ones available on Playstore?

Sometimes I just have to wonder if people actually read the official announcements…


Due to changes in Google’s SDK requirements, we could not make 5.1.0-RC1 APK’s this time. They will return in the final release.

That’s just google having awesome timing once again…


yea I read that one but I didn’t actually understand and straight away jumped on the source code thinking that its the source code for the android users. :sweat_smile: my bad!

Source code is a completely other thing. You need source code to “create” a software like Krita, but you don’t execute it as a software, the software is build from source code. Maybe you ask Wikipedia or Google what source code really is and what it is its role/function.