How to get a brush paint upwards and sidewards

If i use a predefined brush many times i cant paint for instance a tree straight, they way they grow. Rotation on 0. Some brushes do others dont, i am really struggling and getting frustrated. And for instance the basic 5 brush when trying to paint a fir i can paint the horizontal line but from side to side from small to bigger it just will not paint. Is there a special setting to be able to do that?

Wait. Are you saying you cant draw a line in all directions? Every brush should work in any direction. Brushes with non round tips may have different thiknes depending on the angle but other than that, I never came a cross a default preset that only works one way. Could you, show some examples?

Hm, that sounds unusual, I’ve already tested all my Basic-5 variants because of this, but they all behave as usual and work like @Takiro just described. Could you tell us which of the Basic-5 brushes it is exactly? And could you please try if you can get back to a working brush by clicking on the “brush reset button”?

Don’t wonder about the interface, I’ve modified it a little, just try if this button gets your basic-5 back into a working preset.


I reset the brush and now i can paint side ways but t looks very funny. Painted at 3 different speeds but its slow and never stops at the spot i want it to.

forgot screenshot
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-05 052437

Maybe its caused by the wacom artpen i am using? The artpen is not supported by krita i think. Which is a pity because i miss the abillity of rotation a lot.

Hmm…does the Tool Option docker have any Brush Smoothing been set?

Or, did you set any “Cursor”? Brush outline tend to be a little slow, when at smaller size would think it “not precise”, so we need a fast “Cursor” to help.

these are my cursor settings. And no brush smoothing.[quote=“Marion666, post:1, topic:45166, full:true”]
How does it work? I have the snapshot highlighted but how do i save it to upload.
And the dropper that is shown with the simular color does not show when making the snapshot…

Brush smoothing is in the tool options docker. Not in the settings.

For the other questions, please stay with them in their respective topics. It gets all a mess when you mix them together.


i know its in tool options. I am really trying my best to keep it together with the topic but i have no experience with forums, all new to me. Sorry, please have patience with me.

I have tried to paint the same in krita, ps, paintstorm and painter. In all aplications i get smooth strokes but in krita. The brush is to slow. Did click reset button, rotation 0 and tried all cursor settings. Canvas size A4 300 ppi. So i guess i am still doing something wrong.

Try to disable brush smoothing in the “Tool Options”-Docker, so set it to “None” or set it at least to “Basic”. You find it in the tab below the color wheel, on the top right of your Krita window.