How to import image to this website comment?

Hi, i didnt see any button to import image to this website/comment.

The upload button? But you can copy and paste or drag it too.

@KnowZero Yes, how to upload an image here? Copy paste doesnt work for me here. Maybe on pc but not on my tablet or mobile phone

Do you not see the upload button on mobile? It is the 7th button from the left

@KnowZero no dont have… the 7th from left is the dot list…
First is the message emoticon, then bold, italic, a chain, quotation mark, </>, then dot list, number lisy, smiley face, calender and setting.

You can upload it from here ! :art: :framed_picture: :sparkles: :smiley_cat:

are you on mobile, in my phone the upload button was at the bottom of the screen.

It looks like this on phone, which suit that after </> is the dot list.


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@kaichi1342 @Hocori_Yuki
Thank youu it works… when i clicked it before it shows permission for voice recording so i didnt click allow it so i thought it was not it.


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