How to link brush dab to perspective assitant plane

I am a new user with no ability to create new threads so I wanted to post my question here, since it’s related to the Perspective tools in Krita.

I like the possibility in Krita to tie the Brush size to Perspective Guides. I was wondering if a feature would be possible where the brush shape itself would be distorted into perspective? Here is an example of a rectangular brush, but it could be any shape.


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I moved your question here in a new topic in the correct category.

To answer your question if you have a perspective assistant it is already possible to tie the brush dab to the perspective plane. There is a perspective sensor in the brush editor.

When you enable that sensor for any parameter (here it is shown in the list for size parameter) it will be affected by the perspective plane assistant.


Last time I tried it only worked with perspective grid, not with the vanishing points. Probably because krita has no sense of near and far with them.


yes it only works with perspective grid

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I wonder if it could work with vanishing points too since closer to the vanishing point usually means close to the horizons therefore farther away.

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You can have Size and Ratio both controlled by Perspective.
However, that can’t give the result that @z01ks is hoping for.
You’d need a perspective transform effect to be done on the brush shape and that would depend on the ‘orientation’ of the perspective grid. That would be a very difficult thing to figure out and code for.

Indeed, this is what I mean. The brush shape has to be distorted, not just the size of the brush. However, it could make it ridiculously easy to paint boxy shapes very quickly, and even block in windows and such just by clicking repeatedly. It would always give the user very clean corners and shapes that would need no clean up.

I’m sure it is challenging to figure out though. Just wanted to put the idea out there. :slight_smile: