How to make "celluloid" effect on anime drawing

If I may, there’s a “celluloid” effect on your drawing (not sure about how to explain it, but for me it looks like as it was drawn on a transparent celluloïd, a small glow effect with shadows, not sure how to describe it…)
Is it possible to explain how you do it in Krita ? :slight_smile:



First of all, sorry for my English, it’s not very good.

1.- I duplicate the layer of the lineart and change the color to a purple.

2.- I reduce the opacity (30% opacity).

3.- I duplicate this layer one more time, I apply the Gaussian blur filter (20%) and use the Burn blending mode (35% opacity).

4.- I duplicate this layer one last time (the one with the Gaussian blur filter) and use the Geometric Mean blending mode with 100 percent opacity

5.- Group the layers and activate “pass through mode” :

These are a few “tricks” I learned from analyzing Ilya’s work and trying to replicate the effects he uses in his illustrations.

I hope my explanation is understandable :sweat_smile:


Ooh many thanks :blush:

I have to test it as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Ahah yes don’t worry

I just have few questions:

  • Step 2
    You reduce opacity of purple layer; at which value to you set opacity?
  • Step 3
    For Gaussian blur, which value do you set? (I think it might change according to image size, but for a 1000px width for example?)

Thanks for screenshot, and especially the last one with layers: it seems you’ve forgot to precise to work in a group on which the “pass through mode” is activated :wink:

Maybe these explanation can be moved in #tutorials-resources category…
@tiar or @raghukamath, is it possible to split it in a dedicated topic? (if @SchrodingerCat is Ok for that :slight_smile: )


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I have updated the post , the value I used for the Gaussian blur was 20 percent, my drawing is 2560 x 2560 pixels :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for the comments and yes, you can move it to the tutorial category :DD

PS: sorry for the late answer, my internet is failing a lot :pensive:

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I moved it :slight_smile:

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I’ve bookmarked the post :slight_smile:

No worries, there’s no urgency of an immediate answer :wink:
And for me it was time to go to bed and to sleep :sweat_smile:


@SchrodingerCat I used the technic for my second entry of Leon&Kiki journey contest :slight_smile:

I love this effect :blush:



Oh yeah, that’s what I was seeing, I really loved the inking and certainly the effect works very well with ink-type brushes :smiley:

I am very happy that you like it :slight_smile: , I will try to write other tutorials on effects for the drawings :DD

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