How to remove keyframe without removing layer data

I set the new frame shortcut as “z” but I kept hitting it when I hit ctrl-z and now I have a key frame. I’m not making an animation so I want to remove this key frame. But I don’t know how to remove the key frame without removing the layer data as well.

I tried duplicating the layer and it didn’t work since the new layer also had a keyframe.

There have been changes in the area of animation that don’t let you flatten them to get a single frame or do New From Visible to get the visible frame.
Also, if you Edit → Copy a frame content and Paste onto a paint layer then the result is an animated layer.

The only way I’ve been able to figure out is to do right-click → Isolate Active Layer in the layers docker, select the frame in the timeline that has the artwork and then Export it as a .png file.
Then do Layer → Import/Export → Import → As Paint Layer.

I see, thanks