How to upload files on Krita-artist?

Hi everyone. I’m new here. How can I upload my artwork here? TIA.

  1. when you open a topic there’s an upload option on the top of the topic.
  2. drag from the files.

check that the file is in the right format (like .jpg and not .kra).


I’ve updated title of topic and moved it to the Site feedback category :wink:


When I try to upload something it says ‘no byte order information found’. How do I solve this?


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Also, you already opened a topic about uploading image to krita-artist

it’s better to continue to ask question on the opened topic if you encounter difficulties.

@raghukamath or @tiar maybe you can merge both topics?


Yeah, please don’t make more threads on the same topic.

Are you uploading a .jpg or .png file Exported from krita?
(Apart from animated .gif and .webm, those are the only types of file you can upload here. There is also a maximum file size limit of 3MB.)

This has been seen before:
Can't upload
and it can be due to embedded colour profile or possibly metadata.

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