Howering over a slider and using number input adjust slider value

I don’t know if Krita already has something similar but disabled by default. This feature is inspired by an accidental discovery while I was using Photoshop. I am making a feature request in a way more suited to Krita because I found this a very useful feature.

How It should work:

  1. Hover over any linear slider. E.g. Opacity, Flow, Size
  2. Use the keyboard to enter a numeric input
    the user enter a single number and no further input within the next second then append a 0 to it E.g. user enter “1” and no further numbers make it 10, “9” becomes “90” for percentage sliders for other sliders this behavior is disabled
    Take whatever input the user specifies ignoring invalid ranges. E.g. if the user puts “999” consider only 100% or “2554” keep 255.

The benefits of this are more precision in setting values without having to drag the slider and I find it much faster to control the general parameters this way.

It is enough if this is enabled only for opacity,flow, size sliders to begin with not sure it’s important in other cases.

*Revision: Add a 0 before a number for single digit values e.g. 01,09 for 1%,9%

If you do that at the moment, pressing any number key from 1 to 6 will give you a zoom or rotation change.
This could be tricky.

You can almost do this already but you have to click on the input once, then you can type, hovering the cursor over it is not enough.

And how would I get my infamous 1% overlay layers when the program allways adds a 0 to the input? The smallest number that you could effectively enter would be 10.

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Fair points. I was thinking about it. I think not adding the 0 is ok too (In PS pressing 0 makes its 0%, 1, 10%m=, 11 -> 11%, 2, 20% etc and this is really cool for quickly getting there, a user could easily type in 09 for 9%/01 for 1%). I find the double clicking thing a bit troublesome with the tablet. Sometimes it highlights partially the numbers sometimes fully then I need to use ctrl+A then backspace and enter the number. A hover which replaces the value is cool.

This should work only when the mouse/pen is over a particular slider. Not like in PS which is global.

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I don’t know. I just click it once, no double click, then type with the number Keys. I use Krita + Tablet for years and that’s always how I did it, for example when setting the brush size in the tool bar.

You need to right-click sliders, not double-click them. We try to avoid double-click as much as possible.

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Yes I was wondering if we could avoid clicks totally though (configurable so as to not break old muscle memory for some users). Hovering over a silder changes the icon so I was wondering if typing a number while hovering could just be used as input instead. Typing a number is more involved than dragging a slider but more precise.

I didn’t even know that right klick works too and even better.

I don’t know, a single click isn’t too much if you ask me and it has the added benefit of explicity. That way you don’t accidentally change a value when your cursor hovers over an input field and you just want to use the numbers for centering the image or reset zoom (wich 1,2,3 and 4 key do by default, if I’m not mistaken and 5 resets rotation).