HTML Link to browser

I was trying to place a html link in the python manual section to have a more uniform way to show the manual to people. However when I place a link in the manual it does not open anything just shows a blank manual entry. is it possible to place a link there?

What I want to do is to open the link in the persons main browser.

The QTextBrowser’s openExternalLinks is set to false. So it won’t work. It is possible to make it work with some workarounds if you really want to go so far.

well I can make a button that opens the web page on my widgets.
As for changing krita to do it I am not sure if I want it that much. There must be a reason for it to be locked.


No reason, it’s just disabled by default as part of the QTextBrowser widget.

I mean if there is no real reason like a security reason it would be nice to have it active. I am probably gonna migrate fully into the wikis and leave the local manual empty with just a connection to it.