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I’m trying to figure out landscapes, so Ill be doing some studies with an eye on finding an efficient workflow, then trying to apply what I hopefully learn to creating more imaginative work.

Here’s the first:

Reference photo by Alexandra Karnasopoulos from Pexels, I can’t seem to find the link again.

Drawing the snow was way too slow, I should find a brush for that kind of work, even though I simplified it a lot. All done with my favourite brush, but I guess getting too stuck on that isn’t so great either.


Did you try any of these brushes?

Dry brushing
Chalk grainy
Texture crackles

I didn’t try any brushes yet, apart from the one I did this with - it was more a note to self that I really should.

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Decided to do something fun today and whipped up two self-portraits to get some practice in.

I was a bit lost with the charcoal brushes for most of the drawing. And the painting, well, it came out better than I feared but I did kind of end up messing around more than I wanted to. Still, good exercise. I need a mirror, though - a webcam is a poor reference.


Lost with the charcoal brushes? How? :thinking:

Just lack of practice. I was having a hard time with the hair, for example, because I wanted a soft gradient with a defined hard edge, and didn’t quite find the right tool for the job yet.

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Oh, I always like to use a smudge brush after filling in the area I want for the hair (and draw in some individual strands). But each drawing/painting app behaves differently.

Done for today. I think I reached the point where this one isn’t getting better if I try to finish it.


Nicely done. :+1:t2:

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Continuing with the portrait stuff, this time I even recorded this!

Fairly happy with the colours, but I didn’t quite nail the expression in my ref. Also my original sketch was a bit inaccurate, and I spent a lot of time futzing around before I got the values about where I wanted. But I’ll call it done! For reference, future me: things really clicked once I locked in the dark eye colour. Do that sooner from now on!


Need to do landscape practice. Need to learn to draw foliage. This is a bit messier than I liked, I was going to do a more definite foreground silhouette but couldn’t get the composition to work in the end. Out of time for now!


A quick one, ran out of steam. I was going to test out a workflow for rock but lack the concentration now.


Fleshing out a stupid idea about the forgotten martial origins of golf.

I need to look into era-specific battlefield gear, this is still pretty cursory. I spent a lot of time futzing around with mannequins, looking for composition ideas and lighting setups. Lighting isn’t really great here. I’m of two minds when it comes to using 3d to set up scenes - on the other hand, it’s really slow and I tend to feel like my hands are a bit tied when I start to paint. On the other hand, spending time exploring the scene certainly results in compositions I probably wouldn’t have come up with, and obviously lends the perspectives a believability I probably would not quite reach by just painting.


I really like this one. Good positioning imho. :+1:t2:

I hope not too NSFW? I guess we can’t flag single posts in a thread.

I meant to just try to do a bit of practice on simplification but ended up way overrendering. As usual.


Yes we can’t flag single post. I think this is okay although it kind of pushes it to the edge (when considered from users from lower age) in my perception, but it is not there yet.

Honestly I personally don’t want to censor things, I am always confused about this. I think we can formulate what to censor and what not as a community so if I tag something NSFW and if many people think it is not NSFW, please let me know, same for vice versa.

The sketch is awesome. Do you use any kind of reference?

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@raghukamath, yes, reference for sure. This was one of Studiografit’s free samples on Artstation.

I think it would be fun to start an open figure study thread, for people to post their studies and croquis etc., with the original reference if using photos. But I don’t know if that would fly here due to the copyright issue. Although it’s an open question whether a study would run into the same issues as well without permission from the original photographer.

I lean towards practice being fair use, but I’m sure that’s not a legal fact in many places.

An exercise in facial expressions. Sketched out expressions based on my own face, then sketched out neutral frontal views based on random photos of people online and tried to draw those same people with the same expressions.


Very little time to draw and paint at the moment. A couple of silly excerices, exaggerated no-ref bodies. Fun, need to do more work on how the feet work.

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I’m not great with colour. Here’s me trying to work at that. I’m writing this as I paint.


I have the feeling this is one of those paintings where I need to stop pretty early or I’ll ruin it trying to finish. Those are the hardest…

Setting the scene for the translucent parts:

I haven’t decided yet how much I’m going to lean into the red color scheme I started with. This is a problem since it means I don’t have a clear idea of what I’m going for. Copy the reference? The grays are from the ref, I think they might not be great. Maybe better rethink this.

That’s more interesting. I’m starting to feel this pointing in some direction. Now the next question is how this will hold up when I start pushing the values towards their final destinations. Let’s establish some ground rules.

There we go, now we have a value range. Actually I’m tempted to leave it here, but I guess I have to do something about the mouth and the nose at the very least. :grimacing: I’m going to mess it up…
Also that greenish blue shadow needs to either go or be used elsewhere in this iamge too, now it’s too distracting.

OK, not too bad. The left eye is drooping I think. I was blaming it on the green/blue shadow color I decided to use in that region, but there’s more to it. I’m stubborn so I’m not going to give up on that idea, instead I’ll see if I can fix it.

I think I’m done here.