Human studies / sketches

Thought I’d start a little sketch thread here for some random human based studies I’ve been doing in Krita (4.4.8- patiently waiting for 5 to come out)


The girl on the bottom looks quite sassy!

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Happy New Year!
Just finished another face study. Krita 5 is blooming marvelous, especially with my new drawing tablet- I now have the ability to use tilt brushes :wink:.


Looks like what’s her face out of Starcrawler. Is it? Perhaps not.

No it is just a photo I found a while back on Unsplash. She does have a bit of as rock style thing going on though.

Here are some more studies from this week. I used the recorder thing in Krita 5 for the second more rendered one so I’ll be making a time-lapse video soon.


Studying skulls again for a bit. I’m going to do some planes of the head studies after this looking at some 3D Asaro ref I found on Sketchfab.
I made the reference pics for the 2 skulls from the right by using a free 3D skull model I found on Artstation and lighting it in Blender, the other 2 are from photos I’ve saved over the years.

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Two videos from these study sessions:

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