I am working on a Lynx painting

As I use mostly sciences in my daily life, in my job, I love to use my artistic skills in my personal life. I feel some kind of balance when I paint. Big cats are very beautiful, majestic and cool, so here is my work in progress painting about a bobcat. I hope you like it. Of course any critique is very welcome be it good or bad.


Looks like a good start. Though it is a bit on the flat side. What I find helps is to start with blocking in your shading first, as it is a lot easier to add details to shaded areas than shading to detailed areas. That was a hard learned lesson I struggled with a lot when I first started to experiment with painting and kept me from finishing anything for quite a while.

I now like to work in broad loose passes that progressively increase in complexity and refinement. It’s good to start out with a strong focus on discovering silhouettes, and getting a solid mid-toned shaded base down with good color choices before moving on to adding in finer details and accentuating the established shadow and highlight areas.

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Hello Uradamus! Thank you for your comment, you’re absolutely right. My working process used to look something like sketch > local color > shading > details, but in some cases I can define the form with the direction of the fur, stripes or something. I am experimenting with these things, and you are right, it is easier to paint in the shaded areas. I’ve just uploaded a video that shows my process in this painting: https://youtu.be/u9BXqpXaPOQ