I cannot open Krita

Hello! I have been unable to open Krita. I have restarted my computer several times, deleted local files, uninstalled and reinstalled the program several times, deleted any stragglers previous versions of Krita, but it still won’t even open the launching image.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I have a Windows 10 desktop, use an intel core i7 processor, and 16 GB ram, and I’m having troubles with version 5.0.0 and 5.0.5. I haven’t opened the program in a few weeks. Thank you!

By deleted local files, you mean the resource folder? (if not, try deleting it, but make a backup of it first). If that doesn’t help, open up command prompt and go to Krita’s bin folder and run krita.com from it. See what it says.

Other things to check is the krita crash logs and windows event log.

I’m unsure. What would the resource folder be labeled? Is it labeled ‘krita’ under roaming files with all of the brushes and textures and the sort inside?

Bare with me here, I apologize for the trouble, I don’t usually mess around with programs to this extent to try to get them to work.

Yes :slightly_smiling_face:
You can rename the ‘krita’ folder to something like ‘krita-old’ etc as a backup, and when you launch krita, it will just build a new ‘krita’ folder.

Ok, so I made a copy of the folder and I moved it onto my desktop as ‘oldkrita’, and there is no longer a krita folder in roaming.

However, it still won’t open. But, I got a report to work, and it said the following:
ReportDescription=A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

And, I forgot to mention this earlier: But it always says, whenever I try to launch it, that krita is running according to the task manager. I left it going for an entire day while at school, came back, and it still wasn’t open: proving that it wasn’t just loading slow, unless it should start after 10ish hours. It always
takes up about 20% of my CPU.

Thank you as well for the help, I appreciate it!!

Then try the other suggestions I mentioned, check out the krita logs:

if not, then try opening krita.com via command prompt

Did version 4.4.8 work properly (if you had it)?

Did 5.0.0 or 5.0.5 work a few weeks ago?

How much RAM is it using?

Do you have any kind of anti-virus or ‘security’ or sandboxing software installed on your computer?

KnowZero, I have indeed tried the krita logs, or at least I think I do because I’m not entirely sure if the thing I did in command prompt with krita.com was done correctly, as I really have no idea how to do these things. I was given a file labeled ‘report’ though, so I believe it worked, showing the following at the bottom of the notepad:
FriendlyEventName=Stopped responding and was closed
AppName=Krita digital painting application
AppPath=C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bin\krita.exe
ReportDescription=A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows.

As for Ahab:
Yes, 4.4.8 worked wonderfully. I’ve used Krita for years, and have never had a problem like this before.

5.0.0 was working until I tried to open it yesterday, after not having opened it for two weeks. I uninstalled it, and reinstalled it after restarting my computer several times, and got the updated version: 5.0.5, where the problem continued. (Between then, and now: there has been a windows update… I updated all the drivers, and the problem has still continued).

As for RAM, 9.5 MB.

Yes, I do have an antivirus program: MalwareBytes, however, I have had that for months, and there has not been any change or update to the program, nor has it removed or tried to interfere with Krita in any way.

Thank you again, again, again for the help!

Edit:Add: Before you read this or try any of it, try the suggestion from @Michelist below first.

That’s a tiny amount of RAM compared to what it normally uses when started.
It may be a clue for someone who has deep knowledge about these situations.

Can you go to -\AppData\Local where there should be a file called
It’s quite long but not too long to copy-paste its contents to a reply here so please do that.

Also copy-paste the contents of the file kritadisplayrc in the reply here. That’s a short one.

While you’re there, the file krita.log has session logs and if you open it you’ll see that each session’s log output is separated by a long line of ‘=’ characters for ease of reading.
If you can, copy-paste the log record for the final session to a reply here.
(It may contain personal information but you can edit that to change it if you like.)

The information in those files may be useful to know.

This makes me wonder? Do you never shut down your PC completely, I mean a real shut down, not sleeping modes or hibernation? Because, if so then the Krita-task that is always running would never stop running.
And if this running Krita does not let you start Krita, then select that Krita in your taskmanager and end that task (kill it), after that kill you should be able to start Krita.

I guess that this is the amount of RAM that this “ghost Krita task” consumes, that is always running on Chanah’s PC.


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That small detail escaped my attention.

It’s easy to overlook such details if I were to tell you what huge things I’ve already missed, even though I was standing right in front of them…
I think there would be a lot to laugh about.


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I somehow missed that as well…

in search, look for cmd and there should be command prompt, the type cd "C:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\bin\" and then type krita.com

That said, try killing it in task manager or doing a full restart first.

I used to not do that, but then a storm hit recently and deepfried my dad’s computer and I’ve started shutting it down since. One of the first solutions that I tried was indeed going and stopping Krita in the task manager, as I have task manager open… a lot, whenever anything is giving me trouble, and the usual force stop and reopen usually fixes any problem, or a computer restart if that doesn’t do it. This also brings up another thing, if I spammed opened the Krita icon, then multiple sessions would start running in task, all at once, all taking up about 9.5 MB.

As for krita-sysinfo.log… the log is empty. Kritadisplayrc does not exist anymore,

krita.log shows this:




18 Apr 2022 22:41:44 -0600: CLOSING SESSION

Edit: And the backup folder that I made? It’s now empty. Not deleted, just empty, and the original folder is still gone.

Shutting down doesn’t do full shut downs. Some computers go into a deep sleep but don’t shut down and use that time to run things like trim, also it allows for fast boot. That said, your pc should always be behind a surge protector, or even better a UPS. It is a cheap investment that is well worth it.

So you closed all tasks and it didn’t work right? What about closing all tasks and running krita.com as mentioned?

you are saying the resource folder was not recreated?

Well. I don’t know what is was, but it works now after doing a factory reset since I found another program that stopped working and was refusing to uninstall, and Krita is now open and running perfectly fine. Thank you all so much for the help, and I’m sorry we never came to a definitive solution.


I have a feeling that it’s something to do with your antivirus.
I hope all stays well for you but watch the situation and see how it goes.

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