I can't edit my own threads

Hi, related with this Sketchbook section showing last imaged posted, now I’m not able to edit any of my threads. I’ve tried with different web browsers, but edit button is not showed. It’s only showed edit historial button (with one, the thumb picture change I did days ago).



Editing topic is allowed only in some categories I think, not on all.


I see, but I can’t edit either in Sketchbook category.

I never posted in #artwork:sketchbook category, but maybe in this category modifiying first post in not allowed?

@raghukamath ?


Just to add info, I can edit this thread, for example.

Maybe you can only edit thread in a specific time. I don’t know :grin:. But that cracks my plan of keep refreshed the thumbnail last picture . :grinning:

I’m not sure to understand…

The solution to update thumbnail that has been given doesn’t work?


The first time, yes. But now I can’t edit the thread to update the thumbnail again. :sweat_smile:

I’ve updated it for you to the last picture :wink:

But not sure why you don’t have right to do it :thinking:


I suppose it’s related to user trust level…


Thanks! I saw the notification. :laughing:


Yes, maybe is a protection for malicious edition from new users.

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Normally user from level 3 can “Recategorize and rename topics”
I’m not sure if a user level 2 can update thumbnail as functionality is available through editing topic name… :thinking:

Need a feedback from @raghukamath for that :slight_smile:


Yeah: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels It’s a pretty good system, actually (we don’t have many spammers who are not immediately thrown out and who can’t do much damage before they leave), but every now and then someone gets bitten by the limitations.


I enabled unlimited edit for the owner of the post now. Check if you can edit it. It was earlier based on trust level. Now it should be okay.

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No, I think I can edit know the first message but not the thread.

Anyway, as it seems is the user trust level protection and not a real issue, I can wait to get the level, interacting in the forum. So, don’t worry about this. :slightly_smiling_face: